No Mask by Andy Chan

An exploration of cross-cultural psychology to deepen awareness

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Isn’t it interesting how the simple request of wearing masks has effortlessly evolved to become the new norm in some parts of the world, whereas in others, it’s literally inciting hatred and protests? Given the root cause is constant across the globe, the only variable would seem to be the collective mindsets in the different regions of the world; that is to say, their respective geographical cultures!

Research has shown that there are bottom line implications for business operations, which is how Cross-Cultural awareness has come to be recognized as one of the critical leadership skills in today’s hyper-connected world.

Spoken words are a poor conductor of meaning. We too often assume that just because we are sharing languages, we must therefore have common understanding; throw in the refraction created by the cultural tapestry, little wonder how trust and relationships are so frequently the casualty. Technologies do not bring people closer together, they merely create connection opportunities and amplify our communication competencies, or the lack thereof; being able to include deep-seated cross-cultural psychology in our interactions will give us an edge no bits and bytes could provide.

Based on the work of Fons Trompenaars (Riding the Waves of Culture), bring your stories and explore alternative perspectives of your experiences and challenges with TNM Coach Andy Chan!


What will I learn

  • Understand where “cultures” come from - how they are acquired and not inherited
  • Expand your perspectives on how deeply embedded attitudes may impact fundamental interpersonal aspects such as relationships building, notions of respect, and so on
  • Be more able to observe and explain workplace conflicts
  • Become more skilled in synergizing cross-cultural teams


Format & Schedule

3 x 120 minutes session (6 total hours)

Your teacher

Andy Chan

Andy is an empathetic learning partner who reaches for the best in others by creating a climate of psychological safety. He has experience in most of the major industries as an independent consultant for the last 20 years and has lived and studied in various parts of the world.

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