Mastering fear and anxiety by Damian Fearns

Being the placebo in a nocebo world


A virtual masterclass
Duration & price
1 x 120 minute session
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About This Class

This virtual masterclass is a brief yet deep dive into understanding fear and anxiety and how you can play an active role in controlling your own responses and helping those around you to control theirs.

The session includes power-point presentation, some discussion and self-assessment, and some guided relaxation and visualization. Questions are encouraged, references and further reading offered.

Why should I attend?

You will learn to understand your own fear and anxiety, recognize it presenting in others and know how to manage your responses to it.

What will I learn?

  • The causes of anxiety and how anxiety and stress are related
  • What’s happening in your body and brain and why
  • How to control anxiety- through a variety of bio-psycho-social tools and practices
  • How to remain clear in a crisis, lower your baseline anxiety level and learn to achieve deep relaxation
  • The meaning of Placebo and Nocebo thinking– and associated bio-psycho-social effects
  • How to use the power of your imagination to manage your thoughts and feelings and to create appropriate responses to stressful situations

Your teacher

Damian Fearns

Damian Fearns is a psychologist, therapist, and trainer with over 25-years’ experience in helping people to overcome life's difficulties and discover and develop untapped potentials. He builds rapport quickly and easily and presents with clarity and verve.

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