Know Your Path by David Papa

Purpose, Intuition, and Higher Self Guidance

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About this Class

So many people want to understand their true purpose. They struggle to know if they are on the right path in their lives, if they are serving as best as they can, and if they are on their way to their true potential. This course helps you answer those questions by unlocking the intuitive knowledge you have inside and helping you receive the higher guidance that is always available to you.

  • Deprogram and find out why so many of us lose connection to our purpose, even though it is inside us
  • Learn the fundamentals of purpose so you can build on that to discover your own
  • Reconnect with your intuition, understand how it works and exercises that help you interpret your inner voice
  • Learn the language of the Higher Self so you can hear the guidance coming to you in your daily life
  • Heal on the inside, learn how to relax, and release the internal beliefs and emotions that block the signal of your guidance
  • Choose wisely, learn tools to approach any decision from your highest path
  • Bold action, learn how to direct your energies to trust your guidance and create your life in alignment with your heart
  • Learn from the challenges and bold moves of your fellow course members
  • Receive guided meditations and visualizations that you keep forever.


Why should I attend?

You can build the skills to hear the voice inside always directing you on your path, have the courage to create the life that is in your heart. Take bold action from the heart and learn to receive what comes as the next opportunity in your Soul's physical path.


What will I learn?

Session 1: Deprogramming
Unlearn the unhelpful ideas about purpose, intuition, and your higher self to set the stage for a new chapter in your life

Session 2: Purpose
Fundamentals and techniques to help you connect with your purpose for being here and the themes of your life

Session 3: Intuition
How does intuition work and how can hear it and use it?

Session 4: Higher Self
How does the Higher Self speak with us and what can we do to listen?

Session 5: Emotional self-healing
Learn emotional processing techniques so you can handle whatever comes up as you follow your path.

Session 6: Life Actions and Group Coaching 1
Get personal help to overcome your challenges as you attempt to live on purpose in your daily life.

Session 7: Life Actions and Group Coaching 2
Get personal help to overcome your challenges as you attempt to live on purpose in your daily life.


Format and Schedule

7 x 90 mins Virtual sessions (10.5 total hours)

Your teacher

David Papa

David Papa's passion is to help people tap into the love, peace, and power for life they have available inside. He spent his first career and most of his adulthood listening to his rational mind and mental beliefs about how to run his life

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