Human Leader by Damian Fearns

Leading Self and Leading with Influence

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About this Class

Drawing on state-of-the-art knowledge and practices from many fields including psychology, neuroscience, ancient wisdom and integral development, this transformational growth program reframes and rejuvenates the concept of leadership for our times. Putting the human back into the center of our world.

Currently there is the greatest need to understand and make better use of our natural skills and abilities, which make us uniquely human. We need to read context well, make sense of the changes in our world, predict and plan accordingly, spark our imagination, ignite our agility, and meaningfully connect with and inspire others, to successfully create a future path. This is the role of the human leader.

This program is designed to appeal to your rational mind as much as your emotional mind, to your attention to detail as much as your 'big picture' awareness, to your inner self as to the external world. It is as informative as it is experiential.


What will I learn?

Each session focuses on a uniquely human ability (your powers) with a view to understanding how you work and how you can develop these powerful aspects to become a fully operational human being and/or an influential leader.

The Power of Connection
Develop thriving relationships and high performing teams

The Power of Imagination
Learn, play, create the future, innovate

The Power of Rational Thinking
Solve problems and develop clear thinking

The Power of Emotional Engagement
Motivate and inspire self and others

The Power of Attention: Observation & Flow
Create focus and headspace

The Power of Planning, Strategy & Decision
Create and navigate the best path

The Power of 'I': Will & Self Awareness
Know yourself, create yourself

The Power of Knowledge and Integration
Putting it all together in reality


Format and Schedule

8 x 4 hours session (32 total hours)

Each session can be taken as a standalone module, and the modules can be built up over time, giving you the flexibility to focus on what you need the most or what you are most interested in. They are half day virtual sessions with references, further learning resources and personal development practices corresponding to each topic.

Your teacher

Damian Fearns

Damian Fearns is a psychologist, therapist, and trainer with over 25-years’ experience in helping people to overcome life's difficulties and discover and develop untapped potentials. He builds rapport quickly and easily and presents with clarity and verve.

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