Get higher on love by Dr Till Noethel & Taya

A deep dive into relationships and how to shift your love life through the power of breathwork and coaching


A transformational virtual masterclass
Duration & price
3 x 240 minute sessions (consecutive days)
Members: €220,00Non members: €275,00
Available starting dates:
05 Nov, 2021 @ 5:30 pm CET

About This Class

Fall in love with yourself, to learn how to love and breathe fully with yourself and your partner. This class is for you if you…

  • have taken part in breathwork before and enjoyed it
  • are intrigued by coaching, mindfulness, meditation or personal growth and are ready for your next breakthrough
  • want to experience the key to true fulfilment in your relationships
  • feel stressed or stuck and need a practice to manage and release this
  • are ready to step out of limitations into full greatness
  • are looking for a true connection with yourself and your significant other
  • are looking for a new intimate relationship in your life
  • are committed to take part live in this 3-day experience (no recordings)
  • want to feel happier and more alive in your relationships

IMPORTANT NOTE: The breathing approach used is not advised for conditions such as, but not limited to bi-polar, schizophrenia, cardiovascular disease, acute heart conditions, epilepsy, glaucoma, detached retina, or high blood pressure. Nor is it advised if you have a delicate pregnancy or are in the first trimester (first three months) of pregnancy. Likewise, if you are on any medications you are advised to seek medical counsel prior to joining this class.

Why should I attend?

In this 3-day virtual live workshop, you will take a deep dive into relationships. Exploring the one you have with yourself and with your intimate partner, or the partner you wish to have in the future. Each day you will connect more deeply to your truth about relationships and access your somatic power. Join Dr Till and Taya live, on this transformational journey and discover how to shift your love life into a new, happier, more vibrant experience every day.

The workshop includes:

  • Daily, intentional breathwork session
  • Mindfulness, somatic, energy work and gender coaching methods to connect you to your best possible version of relating
  • Somatic ‘super power’ tools to apply in your daily life
  • Transformational exercises and deep consciousness-altering modalities
  • Daily workshops including smaller breakout groups
  • Daily Q&A session
  • Daily check-ins
  • All-day support chat group
  • One-week integration online Facebook group

As this is a live online course with no recording planned to distribute, please make sure to make yourself available on all three days to fully participate.

What will I learn?

  • A powerful new way of breathing
  • A new level of self-love
  • A deep ignition in your intimate relationship, whether you are in one or wish to have a partner on your side
  • An enormous uplift in energy
  • Transformation and release of stuck emotions
  • An understanding of feminine and masculine energy and how they play out in everyday life
  • Owning your personal space within your relationship
  • Breakthrough insights in intimacy and co-dependency issues
  • A stronger connection to your heart and intuition
  • Somatic awareness and clarity
  • A sense of full aliveness and awakened libido
  • Increased presence and inner peace

Your teacher

Dr Till and Taya

Ibiza-based coaches Dr Till and Taya will lead you through this 3-day experience. Transformational Coach & Breathwork Teacher Dr Till has supported thousands of people to connect to their best, Higher version of Self and to embody it in everyday life.

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