Core Stability by Zoran Todorovic

Find your strength and build a solid personal foundation

You can accomplish more with ease, if you take the time to first strengthen your core stability

A virtual journey to living an empowered life!
Duration & price
8 Weekly x 90 minute sessions
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About This Class

We all want to accomplish more in life - more time, more love, more satisfaction. Yet our tendency is to go for it, rather than simply have it come to us. A strong Core Stability includes 8 distinct stepping-stones that combine to provide a solid base on which to build your life. In a world that sometimes appears to be built on quicksand, we all need core stability on which to depend. You can accomplish more with ease if you take the time to first strengthen your core stability.

Core Stability is a self-paced personal development program for the anyone who wants more, much more… in life, and understands the value of investing in one's self by strengthening what we call one's Core Stability.

Why should I attend?

  • If you want to develop a solid base on which to develop a most wonderful, satisfying and fulfilling life, this class is for you!
  • Learn how to ‘Complete the Past’, doing what you can and letting go of the rest.
  • Fulfil your personal needs to be your authentic self.
  • Extend your boundaries to protect our souls, hearts and minds from the unhealthy or damaging behaviours of others.
  • Learn how to stop enforcing what is bothering you, and become grateful for what you have.
  • Start fully expressing yourself by setting goals based on your values.
  • Create a strong, personal and professional community; people you can share your love, life, dreams and concerns with, on a level of intimacy once reserved for family

What will I learn?

You will learn the 8 distinct stepping-stones upon which to build your life and develop your core stability.

Explore what is in your life, that you no longer need to put up with.

Without judgement, evaluate your top needs and how they can be met.

Build greater awareness of your values and how you can live in alignment with them.

Uncover the unresolved issues in your life and what it would take to resolve them.

Ensure that all areas of your life receive the attention they deserve.

Meet the needs of your physical body so that it can support you in achieving your true potential.

Examine your relationship with money and how you can use it as a tool to serve your life instead of the other way around.

Invite more grace and ease into your life with mindful new habits.

Your teacher

Zoran Todorovic

Zoran has had an enlightening and successful journey that all began from a genuine desire to help people unlock their potential and strive to be equally happy and successful in both their careers and personal lives. Consistently adding value to process, he coaches, trains, and mentors using his proven Evolutionary Coach training approach, guiding and supporting humanity to maximise potential to unlock and create powerful presence through personal leadership.

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