Conflict Management by Desiree Allard

Get better at handling difficult situations, difficult meetings, and difficult people

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About this Class

No one likes conflict but it is an inevitable part of life. This masterclass is essential if you want to learn how to handle difficult situations - in organizations, within teams, with managers, with peers or in life. The sessions will be both instructive and interactive, with the opportunity to discuss actual cases for immediate support and results. Research and methods from Dr. Thomas Jordan, Friedrich Glasl, and Prof. J. Galtung will be used. You will understand how conflicts develop, content in conflicts and their consequences, and how they can´t be ignored. You discover how to enter any difficult meeting, situation or to deal with a difficult person with ease, confidence, and compassion.  


Why should I attend?

Using the most recent research this program will

  • Increase your knowhow about difficult situations and conflicts
  • learn methods and tools to navigate conflict
  • feel more confident and better suited to take on these challenges
  • gain perspective and understanding of how you communicate and interact when in conflict
  • understand the science behind conflict and how our brains are affected


What will I learn?

Awareness and Diagnosis:  Recognize conflict before it starts, learn the signs, potential situations, and patterns.
Communication: Understand the language and tone of conflict and how to respond, validate, diffuse, and heal.
Interventions: Share examples of successful conflict management scenarios, see what works, why and how for deeper understanding
Further Guidance and Mediation: What happens if the conflict can't be managed and resolved? Learn about different scenarios for mediation, getting agreements and moving forward.

After this masterclass you will be well prepared to take on difficult situations at work and in life.


Format and Schedule

4 x 4 hours sessions (16 total hours)

Your teacher

Desiree Allard

Desiree Allard wants to see her clients shine, to develop and embrace forward movement. She strives to be an instrument of change for other leaders. As a professional executive coach and conflict expert, Desiree works with teams, boards of directors and individuals with coaching, conflict resolution, leadership training and advisement.

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