Coming home: Women Circle by Annabelle Delorme

Live your life fully expressed


An empowering masterclass for women
Duration & price
12 x 90 minute sessions (Fortnightly - excluding Christmas Day)
Members: €384,00Non members: €480,00
Available starting dates:
02 Oct, 2021 @ 3pm CET

About This Class

Annabelle created this program as a result of her own personal journey of searching for her authentic path. Listening to women amongst her clients, she saw that they were all sharing a common desire to live more fully, more aligned with their truth.

Life is not fully lived until we have freed our heart from hiding. Having been on this journey over the last 18 years, searching for answers and learning from some of the best coaches, thought leaders and spiritual teachers, Annabelle will share with you the concepts and tools that she has practiced and refined over the years to help her and her clients. Annabelle’s aim is for her work to support women to feel and show up as the woman they aspire to be. It’s a practice, a never-ending journey of expansion, sometimes challenging but so rewarding.

The group program will last 6 months, meeting every other week for 90 minutes on a live class. There will be a workbook and some practice required between each session

Why should I attend?

If you feel like you’re living a life that is not fully lived, and are ready to exchange it for the life you dream of, Coming Home To Yourself will support your journey. This exclusive 6-months program for women is about creating new ways of thinking, feeling and showing up in life differently. It is about carving the Self you aspire to be and living your life fully expressed.

It’s an empowering journey about re-entering your being, re-connecting to your wisest Self and creating your life on purpose. You’ll discover the strength of your loving awareness and use it to move through your varied experiences with more grace and acceptance. When we look at our life through the lens of our heart, we start showing up and create our life like a masterpiece, with beauty and mastery.

Annabelle will be by your side to help you remember who you truly are and what you’re capable of.  You will also be able to relish in the richness and support of your fellow sisters.

We’ll be together on this journey.

What will I learn?

  • Choosing and defining what is the highest vision for yourself
  • The art of letting go of what is holding you back
  • Becoming intimate with your mind so that it becomes a powerful ally
  • Becoming intimate with your heart, giving it permission to come out of hiding.
  • Developing an open and receptive relationship with your feelings and emotions
  • Creating beautiful routines and environments to support you living in the highest vision of you
  • How to cultivate a love for yourself, others, and life
  • How to raise your personal standards to come closer to your 2.0 version of you
  • The art of pursing true pleasure or how to infuse your days with the type of pleasure that will catapult you towards the woman you want to become
  • How to shine your light more fully - stepping into the spotlight & stop hiding
  • How to let life in, pause and be fully present with your life
  • How to continue the journey on your own to keep evolving and growing

This program offers

  • A virtual women’s circle
  • 12 virtual deep dive live classes, with the opportunity to connect directly with Annabelle and share with other like-minded women
  • Access to session recordings (if life gets in the way, that's okay)
  • 3 live Q&A calls - ask Annabelle anything, get all your burning questions answered in this intimate group session
  • Workbook to put what you learn into practice

Your teacher

Annabelle Delorme

Annabelle Delorme is a professional coach and transformation partner, member of the International Coaching Federation. She’s certified in Consciousness Coaching and a certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator, trained in person by Dr. Brené Brown. She combines years of executive leadership experience in world- renowned companies with a deep personal journey into consciousness.

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