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There are a wealth of books available on the market to support you on your coaching journey with lots of information about coaching practice. Below are a few of our recommendations for you:

Other Resources

In addition to books there are a lot of other additional tools and resources that can support you along your journey in using coaching a s a life skill.  Below are our carefully selected resources for you


The difference between coaching and mentoring often get confused. Here, TNM’s David Mathew Prior makes clear the fine but important distinction between a coach and a mentor.


This is one of the most used models and it is based on a 4-step process. TNM’s Marcia Reynolds and David Mathew Prior walk you through the various steps and what the role of the coach is in this process.


What is coaching and how can it be used? What are the core elements of successful coaching? TNM’s Patrycja Skurzak and Chris Hardy have a simple answer to these core questions.


In this short simulation TNM’s Marcia Reynolds and David Mathew Prior show the GROW Coaching Model in action.


Be brilliant. Become inspired. Improve your skills and competences. Discover how to grow, evolve and develop as a person and as a leader. Below you’ll find well-reasoned analysis, spontaneous observations, and engaging personal stories and insights from business leaders, our world class coaches and trainers, and others.

academy blogs

Delivering Effective Performance Feedback
by Deb Busser

On Mastery
by Martin Haworth

The Intimacy Of Listening
by Martin Haworth

Coaching People To Uncover Their Ideas Can Help You Save The Day
by Marcia Reynolds

Evoking Excellence In Professional Coaching
by Andre Ribeiro

Stop Trying To Ask Good Questions
by Marcia Reynolds

The Coaching Relationship As A Crucible
by Chris Hardy

Ways Of Being
by Andre Ribeiro

I Hear You
by Martin Haworth

How Can Coaching Support Leaders To Do What The World Of Tomorrow Needs?
by Marina Jankovic

When They Look To You To Lead Is The Perfect Time To Coach
by Marcia Reynolds

Meditation, 5 Key Ideas
by Chris Hardy

Why Business And Executive Coaching
by Andre Ribeiro