J.E.D.I Coaching

Embracing Anti-Racism & Social Justice

A Transformational Training for Coaches Seeking to Expand Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Coaching Community and Beyond

Everywhere we look, we are faced with the stark realities of inequity and inequality. We in the coaching community have the potential to be voices of change; to shift how we understand ourselves, our clients, and the world around us, and to participate in dismantling systems of oppression that have inflicted so much pain, on so many, for so long.

Equity matters. Now more than ever.

From an organizational perspective, besides being the right thing to do, the data is clear: diverse and inclusive organizational cultures are more creative, innovative and collaborative, enjoy higher levels of employee alignment and engagement, and deliver a stronger bottom line.

From the human perspective, every human deserves the right to live a free and self-actualized life, yet that opportunity is often reserved for a privileged few. Rectifying those inequities requires us to fiercely interrogate our current reality as we seek to deconstruct the systems and structures that perpetuate the status quo.

As coaches, how do we bring our unique gifts and talents to this challenge?

This program has been created to support that process.




The J.E.D.I. Coaching program is appropriate for both new and experienced coaches who are passionate about equity and inclusion, have a desire to do the hard (and often messy) work of becoming anti-racist, and seek to adopt a social justice lens.



This highly engaging and interactive program has been created to explore how we, in the coaching community can be part of moving the needle towards a more just, inclusive and equitable world.

We begin with the recognition that as coaches...

...we are committed to uncovering and unleashing the power and potential of the people we serve, and to that end, we have a responsibility to understand the full scope of who they are: as individuals, and in the context of the social, cultural, historical, and institutional realities that impact their lives.

...we recognize the demographics of our industry are not reflective of the world around us, and it’s our job to use our power and privilege to bring greater levels of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice into the coaching industry.

...we stand at a critical crossroads, and if we have the courage to face the challenges of inequity head on, we can be part of creating a new world order that respects the right of every human to live with peace, prosperity, and self-determination.



  • Understand history, contexts, and key factors contributing to existing systems of inequity and injustice, at home and around the globe
  • Courageously examine assumptions and beliefs; our own, and those embedded in the cultures
    around us
  • Investigate systems, structures, policies and procedures through an Anti-Racist,
    Social Justice lens
  • Embrace J.E.D.I. coaching through an integration of core coaching competencies and Anti-Racism and Social Justice concepts



J.E.D.I. Coaching is designed and facilitated by a team of passionate, committed practitioners who represent diverse race, gender, ethnic, and orientation identities, and bring an interdisciplinary perspective, drawing on training and expertise in coaching, J.E.D.I. work, leadership, sociology, organizational development, social work, creative problem-solving, neuroscience, and mindfulness.

The program employs a variety of methodologies designed to engage individuals with diverse learning styles.


Learning Methodologies

  • Direct instruction
  • Large and small group discussions
  • Experiential activities
  • Case studies
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Readings, podcasts, videos
  • Participant-led experiences
  • Project work



Throughout the program we will be exploring the many layers and facets of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Historical and Contextual: Racism and Oppression from a Historical and Sociological Perspective
  • Individual: Identity, Privilege, Mindset, Trauma, Bias, Intersectionality
  • Interpersonal: Overt and Covert Aggressions, Language, Tone Policing, Cultural Appropriation
  • Institutional: Public Policy, Legislation, Organizational Systems and Structures
  • Systemic: Social and Cultural Norms, Colorism, Caste, Gender, LGBTQIA+, the Global Face of Oppression
  • Citizenship: Workplace Integration, Allyship, Action Planning

During Their Time in The Program, Participants Will Engage In:


  • Complete the ThirdWay Anti-Racism and Social Justice self-assessment both prior to, and upon completion of, the program.


  • Engage in approximately 20 hours of face-to-face or virtual workshop time, structured to allow time for interim activities and small group work.

Interim Study and Activities

  • Complete interim assignments, including readings, videos, exercises and journaling activities.
  • Engage in small groups to further process learning and insights from workshop content and interim activities.
  • Participate in an ongoing dialogue with other participants through an online portal.

Participant-Led Presentation

  • Work in small groups to research and present on a topic of interest.

Social Justice Action Plan

  • Complete an Equity Action Plan that includes steps to be taken, commitments to be made, a timeline and benchmarks, resources, accountability partnerships, efficacy evaluations and success celebrations.



J.E.D.I. Coaching is designed and facilitated by a team of passionate, committed practitioners who represent diverse race, gender, ethnic, and orientation identities, and a range of professional credentials in coaching, JEDI work, leadership development, social work and counseling, sociology, organizational development, neuroscience, entrepreneurship, and creative studies.

Led by TNM trainer Gina Paigen, PCC, CPCC, CNTC, the program delivers an impact that is:

  • Creating meaningful change in areas that really matter
  • With both depth and breadth of insight and understanding
  • Producing transformation that becomes fully integrated into the participants’ personal and professional lives



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9 sessions, 2 hours per session (18 hours)
Virtual - live virtual sessions
Interim readings, podcasts, and small groups meetings are also part of the journey


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