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10 X full day virtual workshops
Available starting dates:
22 Mar, 2023 @ 9:00 am CET
21 Sep, 2023 @ 9:00 am CET



Become the best coach you can be, unlock your and your clients’ full potential while differentiating yourself in the marketplace!



Do you want to continue your coach training and achieve Mastery in Coaching?
Do you want to create a fulfilling and thriving coaching practice?

Imagine being able to take your coaching to the next level, to deepen your coaching skills and take your coaching business to the next level while making a difference in the world!

This program is designed for devoted professionals committed to their personal growth on the path of becoming Master Coach.
This program builds on the knowledge you have gained in learning foundational and advanced coaching skills with any coach training organisation.
This program will empower your ongoing development to become an extraordinary and skillful Master Coach.

Ready for Your Next Level of Coaching?

Whether you're looking to deepen your coaching skills for personal growth or further your career with master coach training, this is your time to evolve and start living the best version of your life.

Does this sound like you...

  • Can’t find the right master coach training program?
  • Don't feel confident enough in your Master coaching abilities?
  • Not sure how to achieve Coaching Certification on ICF MCC levels and need support?
  • Struggling to have full coaching practice?
  • What to to deepen your Master coaching skills and competences
  • Want to grow and develop with a community of like minded Master coaches
  • What to grow towards Mastery in Coaching

The TNM Coaching Academy offers accredited Master Evolutionary Coach Training Programs to support you on your coaching journey with passion, freedom, authenticity and integrity. By registering on our master certified coach training program, not only can you help others and help to evolve humanity but prove your expertise with MCC accreditation by the ICF.







Become Master Coach Today and Make This Year Your Best Coaching Year Ever!



You can now coach others on a Master level:

  • To empowerment through knowing that we create our own reality.
  • To understand, experience and realise their full potential.
  • To own, step in and actualize their full power.
  • To activate and use their new human abilities.

Who is this Master program for?

  • Existing coaches who want to master their personal development to bring greater evolution to the world.
  • Coaches with existing coach training who now wish to gain a Master ICF coach credential (MCC)
  • Coaches who want to master and deepen their coaching skills, tools and mindset.
  • Coaches who want to learn master coaching presence to take their coaching practice to the next level of growth.
  • Coaches who want to evolve, grow and accelerate themselves and the world

Why is a Master class program a good opportunity for development?

  • Deepen and strengthen your coaching mastery; define your unique master style and increase confidence for greater impact with those you coach.
  • Receive impactful feedback from an experienced Master Certified Coach and your colleagues and get a different perspective that will further sharpen your coaching.
  • Help you be confident coaching at a Mastery level of coaching on your journey to earning your MCC (Master Certified Coach) credential.
  • Earn more! Master coaches reported higher fees and annual income plus increased client satisfaction.

This program is designed to strengthen key coaching skills and give you advanced coaching skills for your further development. This training and mentoring experience is designed to hone core ICF coaching competencies to increase your confidence in ICF competencies. And then to introduce new advanced coaching competencies.

You qualify for this program if you:

  • Are currently practicing as a coach.
  • Have fulfilled the requirements of ICF accreditation at PCC level (or equivalent), namely having completed a minimum of 125 coach training hours and delivered at least 500 coaching hours.

As Master Coach you will be able to:

  • Coach through pain, suffering, blocks and issues to discover more freedom and happiness!
  • Coach breakthrough discovery of emotion as the energising fuel for life’s movement.
  • Coach creative genius in others.
    Coach realisation of purpose, potential and power.
  • Coach the alchemy of consciousness and creation to totally transform your clients
  • Coach the evolution of intelligence to include intuition, knowing, wisdom, telepathy.
  • Coach reality creation.

Why Chose TNM Coaching Academy?

TNM Coaching Academy is the dream of a deeply committed team of coaches that offer world-class coach training programs through the Evolutionary Coach Training Approach.

With over 30 years of experience coaching ICF accredited programs, TNM has already trained 1000s of coaches worldwide.

The TNM Academy offers the world’s first Evolutionary Coach Training approach with complete courses including Foundation, Advanced and Master. All accredited by the International Coaching Federation.




What’s It Like to Attend a TNM Academy MASTER COURSE?

When you’re ready to connect with us. We will be delighted to have a conversation about your advanced coaching training and your personal development as a coach.





Your teachers

Lisa Wynn

A Master Certified Coach for 15 years, a Certified Wealth Creation Coach and the author of "Foundations of Mastery in the Coaching", Lisa has taught coaching to people from all walks of life and from all over the world. She has been an ICF assessor for almost 20 years and has taught coaching on 4 continents.

Zoran Todorovic

Zoran completed his coach training at Coach University where he served as a Senior Trainer and Mentor coach. He created the Evolutionary Coaching Institute, an extraordinary community and digital university where he works as a Senior Trainer and Mentor Coach. As a TNM Coaching Academy Trainer and Mentor, he brings 20 years of coach training and mentoring experience, and has trained thousands of coaches globally.

Amos Szeps

Amos is a registered Psychologist and Master Coach with the International Coaching Federation, the highest level of coach accreditation available globally. He has led coach training programs in China for the past four years. Amos has worked with CEOs and their teams for twenty years, in particular during periods of transformation and change.

Nancy Hughes

Nancy Hughes is a coach with over 25 years of experience in coach training coaching development, including executive coaching, group facilitation and creating coaching education programs for coaches. Nancy Hughes is known for her open, honest, and flexible approach.

Discover the Life-Changing Principles of Evolutionary Coaching to Transform People's Lives

The TNM Coaching Academy offers the world's first ICF accredited Evolutionary Coach Training Programs. Our Master program is designed to take you on a journey of profound discovery deepening your core coaching skills and offers you the possibility to embark on a magical journey of self-discovery to help you transform and evolve the world.




By the end of the program you’ll learn:

  • What is the coaching state of mastery?
  • How to achieve a mastery state of being by practice of constant curiosity, creativity, and knowing that you are capable of expanding continuously.
  • Having full presence in a coaching dialog.
  • How to achieve focused listening skills.
  • How to go beyond traditional coaching questions to the power of evocative questioning.
  • How to have mastery present to demonstrate direct and effective communication.
  • How to coach from a mega expanded state of being.
  • Learn Master Coaching tools to coach for sustainable change by getting to the root source of clients' challenges.
  • Learn how to bring about awareness and challenge clients blind spots.
  • Learn the ways to identify resistance to change and move clients to transformation and evolution.
  • Learn how to coach clients through the Hero's journey of their life.
  • Learn how to coach clients to full alignment to their core values.
  • Learn how to coach clients to full alignment to their passion and purpose.
  • Learn Intuitive listening to create accelerated transformation for your client's desires.
  • Increase your ability to coach from your intuition especially in emotionally charged situations.
  • Increase your self-confidence, courage, creativity, and joy in your coaching sessions.
  • Help your clients to identify their patterns, loops, and stories.
  • Sharpen your ability to identify the core issues that are holding your clients back.
  • Support your clients to create internal motivations that will lead to inspired actions and sustainable results.
  • Move your clients from effect (victim of circumstance) to cause (ownership).
  • Effortlessly facilitate a breakdown and breakthrough of your client's blocks.
  • Learn an empowering language to create a meaningful impact with your clients.
  • Implement master coach approach to structuring a transformational coaching session.
  • Learn how to establish trust and intimacy with your client through master communication skills.
  • Learn best practices and standards in delivering master coaching.
  • Learn self-expression and effectiveness in your unique master coaching style.
  • Learn robust syllabus and tips on how to time breakthrough coaching.
  • Learn to coach from an unknown space of emerging future.
  • Learn how to coach clients' inner dialogue.
  • Strengthen your Master Coach presence with Master Coach Core stability skills.

What people are saying

I can fully endorse the statement that everyone can become a Master Coach! The TNM Evolutionary Coaching Master program is an excellent platform for experienced coaches to develop and cement their master coaching skills. International Master Coaches with large scale experience coupled with very practical tools, Ideas and procedures make for a dynamic program – a must I would say. Sign up and enjoy how to become Master Coach.

Annat Rusell

Beneath learning very precious techniques on how to coach on a masterly level effectively, I valued the personal learning from practicing these in triads. The training offered the added value of being coached by master coaches and peers and able to pursue my own master coach path. The approach is very inspiring and a world of opportunities as well as measurable outcomes unfolded for me.

Michalle Smith

Excellent course. Learned a lot about what it means to be a Master Coach. I had so much fun and I am getting more and more confident about my masterly coaching. I love this program and am impressed by the depth of subject areas to assist clients. I find that every sentence our trainers spoke is full of information.

Ana Luisa Rivero

Quality Assurance

This Coaching program is accredited by the ICF International Coach Federation and provides 75 coach training hours.

Participants who graduate from this program will be able to apply for credentialing with the ICF once they fulfill the requirements of a number of coaching hours for Master Certified Coach.

Your virtual workshops will be run by experienced coach trainers who hold an advanced ICF credential and all mentoring will be done by trained, credentialed Coach Mentors.







Further Your Career in Coaching Today and Become an Master Evolutionary Coach in 10 weeks



What you’ll get when you start your course:

  • 75 hours of virtual video training taught by world-class coaches with over 30 years combined personal development and coaching experience.
  • BONUS: 10.5 hours of additional live mentoring to guide you through the program, support you in your learning and nurture you on your new career path.
  • 3 x 60min individual coaching sessions with a TNM mentor.
  • 5 Group mentor sessions with your peers.
  • ICF accredited certification points, so you can apply for MCC level certification (if you already have PCC ) with the ICF and become a fully certified Evolutionary Coach.



Discover the mastery in  Evolutionary Coaching

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Spring Program 2023:

Module 1: 22 – 25 March CET / Module 2: 13 – 15 April CEST / Module 3: 11 – 13 May CEST

Autumn Program 2023:

Module 1 : 21-24 Sept CEST / Module 2 : 13-15 Oct CEST / Module 3 : 23 -25 Nov CET

accredited by the ICF

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