Evolutionary Coach Training - Advanced

For the acceleration of human consciousness


... to join us for the first ICF Certified comprehensive Evolutionary Coach Training Program in the world, training existing coaches to move beyond coaching everyday success to coaching the evolution of human consciousness and global transformation.

The Evolutionary Coach Training Program offers foundation and advanced courses to develop core coaching competency at the ICF’s Professional Certified Coach level, knowledge in developing coaching skills, and personal development for sustainable success in coaching.

The Evolutionary Coach Training Program has been carefully designed to start with foundational skills and then build quickly and dynamically to evolve your skills into a transformational space – a space where you, those you coach and the world at large evolve, shift and transform for the better.

Below is the description of our Advance program. When it is taken in combination with the Advanced program, this provides participants with an ACTP path to PCC certification. Please see package pricing options at the bottom of the page. 


  • Existing coaches who want to deepen their skills and personal development to bring greater transformation to their coaching
  • Coaches with existing coach training who now wish to gain an advanced ICF coach credential (PCC)
  • Coaches with existing coach training and experience who want to formalize and deepen their coaching skills
  • Coaches who want to learn advanced coaching skills to take their coaching practice to the next level of growth.
  • Coaches who want to challenge themselves, learn deeply and laugh a lot!


Coaching skills

  • The Standards & Ethics of a Professional Coach
  • Advanced understanding of the ICF’s 8 Core Coaching Competencies
  • How to coach people with different learning styles, personalities, roles, cultures etc
  • Coaching beyond tools and models
  • Coaching the potential, not the problem
  • The pathway towards mastery as a coach
  • How to create empowering, effective coaching agreements
  • Coaching breakthroughs rather than increments
  • Building challenge in coaching
  • The role of the body in coaching
  • Supporting your coachees to delve into their vision for self and planet
  • How to coach powerful strategies that create motivation, momentum, change that sticks

Application of coaching in work and life

  • Learn how to create an abundance of time, energy and money in your own life
  • How to scale your coaching business
  • Embedding and developing coaching in your workplace
  • How to invite your coachees into greater personal evolution and a bigger contribution to humanity

This program is for you if you have already completed some coach training and are ready to deepen your skills, explore a new level of creating awareness, build greater challenge and support into your coaching, enhance the impact of your coaching for your coachees and for humanity, If you want more impact and satisfaction from your coaching and to scale your coaching business or embed coaching more deeply in your organization, then this will be perfect for you!


The Evolutionary Coach Training Program is a virtual and digital program that is offered in various formats so that participants can find the solutions that best suit them ranging from a full immersion intense program lasting a couple of months to part-time programs over a longer period of time.

The program provides a total of 75 learning coach training hours across 60 hours of virtual training with 15 digital asynchronous learning.


  • Evolutionary Coaching Principles
  • Coaching Presence – Creating Partnership
  • Core Stability - Finding Completions
  • Coaching Purpose and Passion
  • Coaching Empowerment in others
  • Core Stability - Creating Financial Ease and Grace
  • Coaching Passion and Potential
  • Core Stability - Creating Fabulous Habits
  • Why humans struggle to change
  • Removing/rewiring blocks to success
  • Application of coaching in the corporate world
  • Business development
  • Cross-cultural coaching
  • How to apply coaching skills to different coaching scenarios
  • Coaching different learning styles
  • Coaching contracts
  • Understand and develop your strengths as a coach
  • High Level PCC indicators
  • Planning and Goal Setting.
  • Eliciting a client’s Vision and Mission
  • Making a coaching plan.
  • New learning and “the who” in coaching
  • Deepening intuition
  • The Role of the Body in Coaching
  • Working with ‘stuckness’


Mentoring is an integral part of your coach training journey on the path for accreditation with the ICF. In addition to the coach training hours in the programs listed we offer the following mentoring packages to support your journey.

Our mentoring package includes a total of 10 mentoring sessions with 7 of these being delivered on a group basis and 3 one-to-one mentoring sessions


TNM Coaching in affiliation with Corporate Potential have developed this program. This Coaching program is accredited by the ICF International Coach Federation and provides 75 coach training hours.

Participants who graduate from this program will be able to apply for credentialing with the ICF once they fulfil the requirements of a number of coaching hours for Associate or Professional Certified Coach.

Your virtual workshops will be run by experienced coach trainers who hold an advanced ICF credential and all mentoring will be done by trained, credentialed Coach Mentors.


Evolutionary Coach Training Program – Foundation

75 hours of coach training and 10 hours of mentoring (group and individual) 
Price: €5500

Evolutionary Coach Training Program – Foundation + Advanced (ACTP)

150 hour of coach training and 10 hours of mentoring (group and individual)
Price: €9500

for more information and installment payment option, please contact- enquiries@tnmcoachingacademy.com