Living & Leading with Artificial Intelligence

"AI is everywhere. It's not that big, scary thing in the future. AI is here with us.”
Fei-Fei Li

As you may be aware the world is speeding up and effecting the way we live and work today, and in the future. The exponential development of technology produces disruptions in markets and businesses, and Artificial Intelligence might be the single biggest technology revolution the world has ever seen. Economists call AI a ‘general-purpose technology’ because it is and will be involved in everything. This kind of technology causes disruption not only through direct contribution to society, but also through the spill-over effect enabling a vast range of complementary innovations, many of which you may not be aware of.

This program is for you as an individual or as a leader- to help you better understand and navigate these changes. Curiosity is one of the key essential qualities of individual adaptability and transformational leadership, we need to observe and attempt to understand what is going on in the world, how things are changing and what the differences will be… So, you might be asking yourself these kinds of questions.

  • How is AI changing the way we live and work?
  • How is it changing our business and social environment?
  • What are the big new dilemmas that AI brings?
  • How does it change our decision-making processes?
  • What kind of leaders do we need to become to manage this well?
  • How do we develop our businesses towards a sustainable future?
  • What are the benefits and what are the costs?
  • Why should I change how I approach an AI world?

This program is designed to help you answer these questions and more, for yourself.
‘You & AI’ is a digital and virtual program creating an enriching and reflective experience.

Digital learning

Through a digital platform, participants will have access to a specially curated body of knowledge and some interactive exercises to help you understand AI and its impact, developing and challenging your thinking throughout. Participants will have the opportunity to explore AI and their relationship to it, reflect and share with their peers in the online platform and be supported throughout by live professional facilitation.

Virtual learning

The virtual sessions add the value of discussion, leveraging collective intelligence and the deepening of our understanding through coaching and the facilitation of collective sense-making.

Purpose of the Program

  • Ignite people’s curiosity around AI, an external change that matters
  • Inspire leaders and individuals to learn and reflect more about AI
  • Explore AI from different perspectives
  • Reflect on implications at societal, organizational and individual level


  • Leaders and those with an interest
  • Those that know that they don’t know (and want to know more)
  • Those that don’t know that they don’t know

AI & Business Environment

Putting us, human beings at the centre, the first program focuses on how AI is changing our business environment. Starting from what we do as human beings, how our brains work, we move to the meaning of intelligence and more specifically Artificial Intelligence. We look into what AI is and how it is applied. Exploring the increasingly complex environment we live in, we reflect on the impact AI has at societal, organisational and individual level.


  • Explore how the human being works and how the modern brain has evolved
  • Provide essentials on AI technologies and their applications
  • Discuss the role AI has in an increasingly complex world
  • Reflect on how this affects me and my environment


  • Human evolution: What can humans do?
  • Artificial Intelligence: What is it and how is it applied? What can we foresee in terms of future developments?
  • Complexity: Why is the world becoming more and more complex and what is the role of technology and particularly AI in it?
  • Impact: How can I make sense of this external change? What impact does it have on our society, our organisations and on me?


This program gives participants the opportunity to practice a visionary and transformational leadership mindset, improve responsiveness to external developments and develop flexibility in the face of change.

The program is based on the exchange of ideas and the sharing of knowledge which mobilise, systemise and exploit individual and group experience to produce deep insights and long-term perspectives.

The whole reflective journey stimulates participants to ask new questions and to use and practice their capacity to think critically and to make sense of what surrounds us.

Key Features

This is a purely digital & virtual program which is made up of 3 virtual sessions and 4 digital modules that trigger the thinking process throughout. This facilitated process animated by different inputs and by rigorous guidance of the group dynamics through professional facilitation, stimulates individual reflections and leverages collective intelligence during the group conversations.