Working Well in a Hybrid World

Communication in a hybrid world


Working Well in a Hybrid World delivers the skills and attitudes that are necessary to ensure engagement, performance and retention stay on track, as organizations shift to new ways of working that present new challenges, new pressures and new potential. In a hybrid world most communication between individuals and teams happens on virtual platforms. Not everyone is comfortable with it or happy about it, so what does it take to do it well?  Trust is the key. Trust that the people we work with can and will deliver. Trust that they have good intentions and shared values. Remote working, dynamically shifting teams, less face-to-face time and fewer informal interactions have made it harder to establish and maintain trust… and much easier to lose it through misunderstanding and miscommunication. How do we address these challenges and decrease the stress they cause? How do we tap in to the new possibilities and potential of working well in a hybrid world?



Key Program Features

Working Well in a Hybrid World equips and empowers people in hybrid teams to work well in… 

  • A new workplace where some people are in the same place, some people are in a different place, some people are working at work and some people are working at home.
  • A world that’s fluid, not just changing but changing constantly in ways that we can’t always predict or plan for.
  • A working environment with new expectations and new norms about how we relate to and communicate with each other at work.



Framework and Timeline

A coach-facilitated, learning journey that is user-friendly, creates minimal disruption to busy working lives and produces results that have a real and lasting impact.  Features pre-program sessions that add value and deepen learning in face-to-face workshops in a mixed format that reflects and emulates the realities of a hybrid workplace.

Working Well in a Hybrid World is delivered over 2-3 months inc. 1 x 60 min virtual kick off – recorded self learning (flip learning) + 2 days F2F + 1 x 120 min virtual follow-up.



The Next Steps

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