Woman 360

Leadership and empowerment for women.


This is a highly relevant course that promotes and honours one of the most relevant values of high performance and cutting edge organizations today: equality of job, career, gender, reward and development opportunities throughout their personnel. In order for corporations to maintain a productive and motivated workforce, with high attraction and retention rates, and clear competitive advantage, a focus on the many challenges for women in progressing their careers is required.

Many organizations experience a continuing loss of female talent. Evidence exists that women are lost from the pipeline through voluntary termination at a rate two or three times faster than men once they have attained the experienced, mid-career, Manager/ Senior Manager level of their careers. It is expected that women who engage with this program will develop a clearly articulated strategic direction for their promotion, enhance their leadership skills, and raise their own profile and further potential within their organization.

Target group: Mid to senior-level female leaders and/or high potential women. Participants who enroll in this training will be coached in this feedback-intense, dynamic and interactive learning experience.

Key competencies addressed and learned in this program

  • Strategies to build their own career vision and leadership path
  • Assertiveness in the business world
  • Succession planning
  • Effective networking skills
  • Visioning
  • Career vision
  • Clear picture of their integral professional and personal profile as leaders and as women
  • Effective relationship building
  • Communication skills
  • Positive influence skills and elimination of resistance
  • Delegation skills
  • Personal work/life balance
  • Coaching skills
  • Personal leadership style
  • Build up personal confidence and core competencies

Key learning outcomes

This course will contribute to achieving talent management and talent retention by successfully sourcing and retaining the best talented female in the market and within the organization to fuel growth plans.

Participants will gain an honest picture of their strengths and developmental needs, which will enable them to develop priorities, within their whole self - not just their work persona. They will:

  • Develop strategies for actions regarding succession planning and how to take career opportunities.
  • Achieve higher levels of creativity, innovation and knowledge sharing with higher representation of females in senior roles.
  • Help to ensure that diversity and equality are vivid values within a cutting edge organization.
  • Re-examine femininity in their professional area of competence and in the business world.
  • Raise awareness and knowledge of the political and relationship side in their organizational environment.
  • Be able to show readiness for promotions and higher leadership roles, will recognize and take advantage of opening opportunities for development and growth.
  • Be ready to make the right career investments, making sure their skills stay relevant.
  • Develop the art of getting and receiving feedback for/from key stakeholders; and the capability to speak up about their career vision and expectations and make it happen.
  • Discover their own personal leadership style and its essence.
  • Build self-confidence and assert themselves. As female leaders, they will learn how to get their team's trust, establish their place and position while honouring their personal values.
  • Acquire key communication skills and positive behaviours to influence others and get desired outcomes
  • Design their personal plan to find balance as a female corporate leader and other personal roles (for example mother, family life, etc).
  • Develop tactics to deal effectively with their fear or insecurities that might affect their performance.
  • Ability to request for the appropriate support, help, mentoring or coaching when needed.
  • Leverage negotiation skills.
  • Succession planning strategies: key factor for talent retention.
  • Learn from carefully structured peer feedback sessions, which provide concrete value to each participant.
  • Take part in a videotaped session, which will help them better understand their influencing skills.
  • Build up a solid presence based on their natural strengths.


2 days

Additional information specific to this program

  • Regarding preparation time, participants will be given a personal assessment preparation kit to get ready for the course. Reference material will be provided, either electronically and avoid the use of hard-copy material or on a reference booklet.
  • Use of video camera and debrief using digital devices such as cameras, mp4, and participant's computers can be included. Possibility to include a MP4 device per participant that holds electronic version of material plus video display for self-assessment (this feature might have an impact of 50 Euros more per participant).
  • Regarding facility: a spacious room for 10 participants. Not exceeding this number is relevant for the personal coaching that each participant gets and the added value that the program provides to each female leader that attends. Material: flipcharts, pens, paper, projector/beamer.
  • Training style: intense, fun, dynamic, experiential, risk-taking, innovative and creative.