Transformational Leadership

When the nature of leadership changes, so must the focus of leadership development.

There is a new generation of leadership emerging within many of the world’s largest organisations. More and more, organisations need to navigate collaborative efforts through complex environments towards a vision by leveraging a global mindset.

From TNM’s standpoint, we live in an ever changing world and the pace of that change is ever increasing. In order for business to stay competitive, today’s leaders need to also evolve at an accelerated rate. Tomorrow’s solutions can’t always be found with today’s thinking.

Globalisation has profoundly changed the way we live and work. In recent years we have observed unprecedented changes in technological innovation, communications, transportation, economic integration and international partnerships. Both the changes we have seen and the rate of change is profound. The talent and insight it will take leaders to successfully navigate humans through these developments also needs to be profound. This requires leaders to have a global dynamic presence, cross-cultural sensitivity and the ability to adapt to new situations.

The big question is:

If global leadership requires a new standard, are we developing leaders who can meet it?

It is clear that new measures of success need to be applied to the emerging generation of global leaders. How well do they understand the forces at play in the world? How do they define their role as global leaders? Do they have the necessary capabilities to navigate globalisation effectively?

With over 15 years of experience, TNM believes that the following capabilities are necessary for global leaders:

Agility: Ability to adapt appropriately
Courage: Having the courage to raise difficult issues in the face of vested interests
Quality dialogue: Having clear dialogue which achieves shared understanding
Cross-cultural: Cross-cultural understanding and sensitivity
Innovation: Creativity and alternative thinking
Strategic Thinking: Creating appropriate metrics
Influence: Ability to bring people on board with ideas
Digital Savvy: Skillet effective use new technology to achieve results
Spiritual Intelligence: Mindfulness, Awareness in interconnectivity with organizational biosystem.

Transformational Leadership Programs

Inside Out Leadership Programs

  • Transforming ourselves, others and the world.
  • When the self transforms, everything else follows.

The most successful organizations understand the need to identify and nurture ‘home-grown’ talent. TNM believes that, given the right opportunity, leaders will not only develop the necessary skills, qualities and mindset needed but their experience of growth can be accelerated.

Future leaders, all over the world will be required to familiarize themselves with the psychological, sociological and environmental effects of globalization in order to navigate this ever changing world.

Our Transformational Leadership programs have been specifically designed to develop individuals and organisations into the future.

Not just responding to… but manifesting an interconnected world!

The Nature of Transformation

Human transformation requires:

  • A realisation phase - from our inner or outer world.
  • A releasing phase - of what holds us back or limits us.
  • A creational phase - to create both an inner and outer world that we want to live in

These 3 elements are the central themes around which the paradigm process is based.

The aim of the paradigm is to help individuals, teams and organisations increase their growth and development through evoking realisations, thus transforming them, their lives, and their world.

Applying this programme to leadership
To help leaders growth and development through evoking realisations, thus transforming them, their lives, and their world. This program enables future leaders to make the shift needed to lead our organizations into the future

Transformational Leadership
Leadership that is not only responsive to globalisation (and change) but helps to creates it.

Transformational Leaders
Leaders who are innovative and agile, are able to adopt the qualities needed to consciously respond to globalisation (and change), and navigate it effectively.

Realisation-Based Learning
‘Action-based’ vs ‘Realisation-based’ learning: Most organisations know that action-based or application-based learning doesn’t always work. Teaching knowledge, skills and techniques, then encouraging people to put what they have learned into practice can work for a short while but often people lose the momentum. The reality of this approach is that people leave a training course (or coaching session) with more work to do! Over time people lose the motivation to implement what they have learned.

Successful application depends on the participant’s depth of understanding and the natural qualities that this brings. This programme is designed to act as a catalyst that creates these deeper understandings and the necessary realisations that underpin transformation. This approach we call realisation-based learning. Of course participants are still encouraged to put their insights into practice but first we must establish the key ingredient to success, inner wisdom.

“The metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly can be a compelling metaphor for personal and collective transformation. The caterpillar doesn’t ‘work at’ becoming a butterfly; it transforms in harmony with its pre-existing nature”. Jamie Smart

This ability to understand the true nature of life lies within us all. As we start waking up to that deeper nature, our experience of life is transformed, and we start to live in a new world.