Top Team Effectiveness Program & Workshop

Unlocking individual strength and putting them effectively into practice for common cause.

The Spectrum approach integrates traditional team effectiveness programme with an extensive coaching approach, allowing participants to use their individual strengths, raise self-awareness and work on development areas to maximise individual and team effectiveness.


To develop effective leadership behaviours that improve working climate of the Top Team, overall organization and therefore increase engagement levels and bottom-line performance.

The critical differentiator of performance is the quality of behaviour from leaders and leadership teams. If an individual or team can find a way to improve its behaviour then we will see an improvement in the bottom line - e.g. sales, productivity, innovation, customer service and overall employee engagement.

Sample Programme Design

The typical programme components, spread across six months, are:

Months 1 - 3

PHASE 1 and 2

  • Team diagnostics / questionnaire
  • Intro to team
  • 2 day Face-to-face workshop

Months 4 - 6


  • 1-2-1 Follow up coaching session
  • 1 day group workshop / systemic feedback

Phase 1

The Contracting stage is essential, as it provides an opportunity for the coaches to observe team dynamics and build relationships with team members. The initial individual discussions (ideally with each Team member) may include the objectives and boundaries of the programme, ground rules, confidentiality agreement, role of facilitator and group member and identification of team dynamics.

Behavioral tool and qualitative questionnaires would be done pre-workshop, resulting in a tailor-made session to cover key needs of the team. Sample potential discussions would cover: strategy development and execution, team effectiveness, team dynamics.

Phase 2

Face to face group workshop: Practical session to allow facilitator and team to observe themselves against four key pillars and support them in improving team effectiveness.

Workshop Design: Modules will be chosen depending on duration of sessions, (one to two days), team diagnosis, and how long team members have been working together as a group.

A high performing team is one that is balanced across all four clarities, explored in this phase:

  • Strategic clarity
  • Accountability clarity
  • Relationship clarity
  • Communication clarity

Core modules:

  • Characteristics of high performing teams & value building vs. values destroying behaviors
  • Team rules of engagement
  • Behavior contract – stop, start, continue agreement
  • Individual team member feedback and development plan
  • Effective communication – being able to understand behavior preferences and rely on various forms of communication (through DISC behavior profiling)

Phase 3

In-depth individual coaching sessions (spread across several weeks) on identified focus areas are critical for sustainable progress and individual engagement.

After follow-up phase completion, systemic feedback to programme sponsor will be discussed – to review KPIs and possible way forward.

Optional: Post-implementation group workshop to ensure sustainable progress.