The Power of the Arts in Reconnecting Teams

Masterclass with Miha Pogacnik & Zoran Todorovic


17th February 2022, 14.00-15.30 CET


The global pandemic has provided opportunities for working differently that were previously rarely used. It has, however, created strains within teams. Remote and then hybrid working has left many leaders feeling disconnected from their peers and those they lead. The teams may still be functioning on a day-to-day basis, but have lost that level of true connection which enables great team performance. The team needs to be re-built!

In these circumstances, traditional team-building methods can appear superficial. Connection between people works at a deep, emotional level. So leadership and team development interventions need to create an environment where that deep, emotional connection can be felt.

The arts have the power to create that deep connection!

Join our masterclass for a conversation between TNM’s Zoran Todorovic, master certified coach and leadership development expert, and Miha Pogacnik, Violin Virtuoso and Visionary. Zoran and Miha will explore the challenges of re-connecting teams in today’s hybrid world. They will showcase Miha's method of using the power of arts and music to:

  • maintain personal leadership energy
  • enable disconnected team members to connect profoundly with each other and improve their collaboration
  • maintain well-being within the team

Including a special LIVE sonata and inspirational surprise.

You will have the opportunity to explore the challenges for organisations and teams and to experience Miha’s method live.

Curious? Have a taster of him in action HERE

Places on this masterclass are limited and by invitation only – so book early to reserve your complimentary place.

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