The Leaderful approach to media

Get the quotes and coverage you want.

Get the quotes and coverage you want; an intensive hands-on approach, live in a TV & radio studio


Media coverage can make or break a career or a company. As professionals you are often required to communicate a message to an internal or external audience. After your presentation or media interview, did you make the impression you intended to? Were you able to capture the hearts and minds of the media public? Often, it's difficult to know how to ensure the coverage you want or what to do if you're not getting This seminar is a next logical step after any presentation skills course and for communicators from all levels interested in creating, improving and preserving both your own and your company's image. Whether you are preparing a talk for your internal audience or interviews with a print, TV or radio audience our goal is to ensure the results you want.

Participants come away with renewed and increased confidence, and are ready for almost any interview situation once they have understood the guidelines of positive and proactive interviewing. This approach assists companies when enabling or designating “company speakers” to express themselves with authority and helps support their own messaging process.

Key competences skills addressed and learned in this program

Participants leave the training session understanding the importance of:

  • Message content and awareness of further development areas.
  • Constructing and delivering sound bites to develop and deliver engaging presentations while producing desired outcomes above and beyond the media day.
  • Handling various interview techniques.
  • Using core value words.
  • Becoming aware of vocal speed, emphasis and range.
  • Creating audience connection.
  • Physiology: eye contact and movement, mouth, facial and body movement/posture.
  • Dress, hair, glasses, jewellery.
  • How to express yourself with authority and increased self-confidence even when not feeling it internally.
  • How to handle hostile questions and respond to a journalist so that you stay focused on your own message, and not be lead to where the journalist wants to go.

Key learning outcomes

This program is directed at professionals preparing a message for a media public as well as those giving internal presentations. This includes senior and top managers, strategic business leaders, corporate decision-makers and thought leaders within their industry, who are responsible for the formulation of corporate strategy and who lead organisations at national, regional and international levels. These include CEOs, CFOs, CXO functions, presidents, vice presidents, board members, and managing directors.

This fast-moving and intensive program will consist of:

  • Interactive presentations and discussions (parts taped and video taped for immediate feedback).
  • Learning by doing, personalized coaching, small and large group exercises.
  • Practical, fun and thought-provoking interaction.
  • Best practice examples and practical exercises for hands on learning to stretch individual participants to their next level of ability and performance - this way, even when ability levels vary, all participants benefit.


2 days

Addition information specific to this program

Location-based in Geneva, Switzerland just 10 minutes from the Geneva airport. The media-training program is located on the premises of an ultra modern TV studio linked to one of the region's leading FM radio stations.