Team Temperament Styles

Explore four team temperament styles to foster creativity and innovation.


All companies, departments, work units, and teams have a dominant temperament. This affects how decisions are made, how employees fit in (or not), what language is acceptable, how conflict is managed, and how resilient the group will be.

This workshop explores the four Team Temperament Styles and helps the participants identify the style of their workplace. They will explore the strengths and possibilities for improvement, and then brainstorm ways to shift their teams to a new temperament that will foster creativity and innovation.

Key competencies

  • Assessing organizational (team) cultures
  • Organizational development, including strategies, tactics and modes of communication
  • Strategic planning
  • Leverage strengths of an organization
  • Operational improvements
  • Management innovation

Key learning outcomes

  • Understand and identify an organization's temperament profile - not only the individual and team profiles, but the entire organization's culture and dominant communication/decision-making styles.
  • Brainstorm self-improvement for an organization based on temperament strengths and challenges.
  • Learn how to energize conversations and meetings by leveraging your knowledge of temperament profiles.
  • Build realistic action plans for upgrading your team's profile and ensure buy-in to the plans by your colleagues, your employees and your customers to deal with their greatest challenges.


1 day

Additional information

A workbook will be created complete with key concepts and exercises that can be duplicated by the client for the attendees. If the trainer provides materials, there will be an extra fee per participant.