Team Dynamics Training

A program aimed at providing solutions to challenging team dynamics via humanising interaction


Based on studies of the major contributing factors of breakdown in teams, this program is aimed at providing solutions to difficult team dynamics and processes at the human interaction level. Many managers and team leaders report that friction between teams and team members can often cause great losses in efficiency and effectiveness.

Key competencies and skills

Conscious team dynamics skills training:

  • Commitment communication: For teams under time pressure where people are not following-through on commitments, or failing to communicate when they are unable to do so. How to obtain clear agreements and commitments with accountability. How to register a complaint constructively when commitments are broken. How to repair the underlying trust when commitments are broken.
  • Unconditional response-ability: Where teams are blaming variables they do not control. Addressing this victim mentality. How to empower people in situations they previously felt they could not control. How to constructively address.
  • Constructive criticism: How to relay even the most negative message in positive light.
  • Difficult conversations: How to skillfully address difficult issues that become “un-discussable” in an organisation. How to conduct blameless moratoriums to learn from mistakes without stifling creativity.
  • Essential integrity: How to align with ethical values even in difficult situations. Process, not just outcome is important.
  • Working under opposing viewpoints: How to communicate constructively in teams where stakeholders have opposing viewpoints. Not expressing our opinions as facts… allowing coexistence and learning from opposing viewpoints. How to realign to a deeper common value.

Key learning outcomes

The workshop is designed to give the participants with a deeper awareness and understanding of the underlying dynamics that often hamper corporate cultures. The course is approximately half theory and half practical exercises.


1 day

Additional information

Multimedia capable room with projector and speakers. 2 flip charts. Break out area.