Sustainable Wellbeing Program

When people feel well, they perform at their best


Of particular value to organizations, this concept of Sustainable Wellbeing Program takes care of our most valuable asset, our people’s wellbeing. When people feel well, they perform at their best, are the most productive and are happiest.

This program allows participants to explore the different aspects that contribute to their wellbeing, such as; mind, body, sleep, nutrition, fulfilment, connection, joy, rest and what each one needs for you to be the best. It is different for everyone. You will leave this training with a bespoke plan that is sustainable, as it can be incorporated into your life. The additional on-going group coaching will support creating and embedding your plan into new healthy habits that become how you live, not something you do.

Through case studies and experiential sessions, the process of developing new healthy habits will be explored, and participants will identify their strengths in their wellbeing & what areas need addressing. Participants will take away new and unique ways of their own bespoke plan and develop their abilities to address these issues through the use of individual and relevant life rituals.

Key competences skills addressed and learned in this program

A deeper understanding into the different areas that make up your wellbeing and how each one is performing

Key learning outcomes

Participants, through activities and experiences that explore a systemic coaching process, will develop their skills to use as tools to address their wellbeing.

  • A deeper understanding of the different areas that make up your wellbeing
  • Understand the mind, breath and body connection
  • Understand what is stress & how to identify your signs
  • Learn breathing and meditation techniques to take away to use in the office or at home and as a tool to relieve stress
  • Create your bespoke wellbeing plan with clear actions to harmonize the different aspects of your wellbeing
  • Group or 1:1 coaching for 90 days to embody your learning to become healthy habits


1 day workshop plus 3 months of on going coaching (either individual or group)

Additional information

A workshop manual with material for course participants will be provided.

Following completion of this program, a packet of materials will be distributed with activities and additional resources that will further reinforce the learning objectives achieved.


This can be a virtual or face to face delivery that can comfortably accommodate up to 12 participants.