Super Effective meetings

Learn core competencies for super effective team meetings.


To increase the productivity of the team by having them running “Super Effective Meetings”.

The seminar includes:

  • Sequences on the theory behind the perfect organization of a meeting.
  • Exercises and case studies in order for the participants to practice in a safe environment.
  • Tools and check list they can use and adapt for their purpose.

Key competencies

  • Meeting purpose: the three types to choose from and how to make it clear.
  • Who to invite, who not? When?
  • The success of a meeting depends largely on the preparation. What to prepare and how?
  • The skills necessary to facilitate a purposeful and efficient meeting and how to acquire and enhance them
  • How to speed up the decision process during a meeting.
  • The ground rules that need to be set in order to run an efficient meeting.
  • Motivating others to be productive and cooperative and dealing with difficult participants.
  • How to make sure actions are being followed up after the meeting is over.
  • The rules for routine meetings.
  • Alternatives to calling in a meeting.
  • The challenges of remote meetings (teleconferences) and how to overcome them
  • Modeling the perfect teleconference meeting.

Key learning outcomes

After attending the seminar, participants will have learned:

  • to call only necessary meetings.
  • to prepare a meeting in order to maximize the outcomes.
  • to maximize the commitment and contribution of each participant.
  • to ensure that all decisions made during a meeting are being followed up and put into action.


1 day workshop
1.5 hour teleconference three weeks later with the main topic
1 hour Follow-Up meeting eight weeks after the face-to-face workshop

Additional information

Appropriate conference room with daylight, 3 flip charts, beamer.