SHIFT - Sustainability leadership

Driving Sustainability & Legacy Leadership

We live in an increasingly uncertain world where environmental and social issues are shaping up to provide both the greatest opportunities and challenges for leaders and businesses. Through this uncertainty, organizations and their leaders are expected to take responsibility for their impact on customers, employees, broader society and the natural environment, while at the same time maximizing profits. Business leaders have an important part to play in making the right strategic decisions navigating these new and complex expectations for our sustainable future. Especially is they want to leave a lasting legacy. They will need a finely tuned set of skills to drive individual and organizational performance and productivity while being the agents of change necessary for sustainability. The winners of the future will be those companies that proactively embrace sustainability as a business opportunity instead of seeing it as a matter of compliance and build the leadership capabilities to lead the charge.

Who is a sustainable leader?

Sustainable leaders build a network of partnerships with stakeholders who have different and competing interests rather than solely focusing on typical stakeholders like employees, customers and shareholders. They drive transformational strategic thinking and innovation in an effort to collaborate with these stakeholders to realize profound change for the people, the company and the planet combined.

Creating SHIFT

Unlike traditional leadership development programs, SHIFT focuses on the leadership behaviors needed to reinforce a true sense of purpose toward sustainability.

Through coaching and project-based experiential learning, leaders will hone specific skills while delving into existing organizational efforts and long-term goals in order to meet the triple bottom line:

  • Profit
  • People
  • Planet

profit, people, planet

This program highlights the need for a fundamental change in the approach toward sustainability in the corporate world and builds the specific leadership skillsets required to facilitate adoption, and ultimately: a SHIFT.

SHIFT is designed for courageous professionals eager to deliver sustainable benefits to society and create a legacy that inspires and empowers future generations.

How do we partner with organisations?

We partner with clients to customize the SHIFT program around pressing challenges in order to create experiential learning that maximises immediate and long-term positive impact. SHIFT project customization (module 2) will allow participants to expand their sustainability mindset and apply specific skills to the identified wicked problem, connect and work with an in-house mentor and continue with post program collaboration.

SHIFT overarching learning outcomes

  • Expand in-depth awareness and purpose-driven leadership through sustainable value creation
  • Develop strategies and practical skills to deliver results that meets the triple bottom line of social, environmental and financial performance
  • Make an immediate impact by developing systems thinking, practiced through facilitated leadership development and a hands-on sustainability project
  • Integrate sustainability into organisational strategy and culture, inspire and empower others to take ownership of critical decisions that support innovation and meaningful partnerships


Critical competences

  • Embrace diversity and social change dynamic for creative problem solving
  • Develop systems thinking and navigate the complexity of competing interests for sustainable value creation
  • Act and collaborate on identified opportunities to impact the triple bottom line
  • Develop skills for creative problem solving to support the organisational capacity to innovate
  • Drive high performance toward innovative and sustainable outcomes
  • Lead constructive partnerships for transformative change

SHIFT program structure

SHIFT is delivered over three modules
(online or face-to-face), spread across 3 months.

Module 1
Expand Sustainability Mindset
(in-depth profiling & group coaching)

  • Understand yourself, understand others, and make the most of the relationships that affect effective collaboration
  • Explore inner sense of purpose, vision and motivation connected to company vision and sustainability
  • Develop an awareness of diversity and varying viewpoints across different interest groups to enhance the ability to form strong partnerships and engagement

Module 2
Create SHIFT
(group project and systemic coaching)

  • Application of systems thinking and design thinking methodologies in a group project to practice seeing the bigger picture, analyze details, and measure impact and unleashing the empowering potential of innovation.
  • Expanding on the ‘how might we’ statement with divergent and convergent methods
  • Zoom out to formulate a vision that inspires all stakeholders and creatively ideate
  • Zoom in to create and evaluate plausible and possible solutions

Module 3
Embed Sustainable Solutions
(follow-up coaching and final presentation)

  • Present SHIFT concept to key stakeholders
  • Facilitate meaningful dialogue, collaborate and act upon sustainable business opportunities
  • Empower and influence others to explore and get involved in new solutions
  • Develop long-term orientation and action plan to meet the triple bottom line and embed sustainability in organisational strategy and culture


Module 1
Expand Sustainability Mindset

  • In-depth personal profiling
  • Group coaching

Module 2
Create SHIFT

  • Group work on the SHIFT assignment
  • Systems thinking facilitation & coaching

Module 3
Embed Sustainable Solutions

  • SHIFT presentation
  • Follow-up coaching

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