Resilient Humans, Synergized Teams

How to Handle any Crisis, Create Change, and Become Stronger Together


Our society is more uncertain than ever and changing faster than ever. We are in the middle of massive disruptions and there is no going back to normal. It seems at any moment the next shock will happen to our economies, businesses, health, and lives. How can any of us stay focused during this insanity? How can we figure out what makes sense to us? Is there a way to navigate through turbulent times toward outcomes we actually want? How can any of us know what behaviors will help the most? With conscious Personal Resilience.

By using our innate Personal Resilience capacities we can always find the way through together. We can find positivity in the uncertainty, stability in the confusion, productive focus in the chaos, new opportunities in the disruption, connection in the stress, and beautiful action in the midst of unpredictability. We can actually become stronger and more agile, our teams become even more collaborative and synergized to handle the change. By activating our Personal Resilience, we help ourselves and everyone we touch in these unprecedented times.

Key Competences and Skills Learned in This Program

  • Understanding the 7 core aspects of resilience as researched and defined over 30 years by the Resilience Alliance in the United States.
  • Understanding the psychology of disruption and change
  • Understand how change affects our own behaviors, needs, and drives
  • Understand why people and teams either fail or succeed during turbulent times
  • Ability to be aware of and manage our own disruptive patterns
  • Ability to form new resilient habits using behavior change science
  • Ability to communicate and collaborate more effectively during stressful times
  • Ability to diagnose problems during times of change and correct course to productive outcomes
  • Ability to handle large amounts of change with minimal unproductive behaviors and maximum helpful behaviors
  • Optional add-on: Teams can get access to a Team Synergy report, giving a detailed breakdown of the effectiveness of their collaboration and ways to improve it

Key Outcomes

  • Each participant will get a Personal Resilience Profile report with individually calculated scores in all 7 aspects of resilience
  • Each participant will gain a deep understanding of their resilience strengths and a clear path for addressing their weaknesses
  • Each participant will know how to improve and build any of the 7 aspects of resilience
  • Teams will get a Team Resilience Report showing their overall team resilience. They can use this to discover their exact resilience blind spots and create team behaviors to make them stronger together
  • Each person will begin a Resilience habit that will expand resilience exponentially over time and prepare them for any upcoming change
  • Each person and team will have a new language, the language of resilience, to diagnose and solve problems in their work and habits
  • Each participant will be able to connect more deeply to themselves and others, giving support in a way that increases our preferred outcomes in difficult situations
  • Optional add-on: Using the Team Synergy report, teams will be able to diagnose their collaboration challenges and use the science of team synergy to greatly enhance their collective creativity and productivity

Participant Numbers

10 individual people per cohort. Or one complete team, including team managers, as a cohort.


10 sessions. Including kickoff and closing session.

Additional information specific to this program

Following the completion of this program, participants will be placed into the TNM Conscious Community for continued connection, personal development, events, and the ability to ask questions of TNM coaches.

Materials for this program

This program can be completed entirely online, in person, or a mix of both.