Ready for Adventure?

Aventure invites you on a journey to create an entirely new paradigm of leadership for yourself and the planet.

The vehicle?

Your unique leadership essence.

On this adventure to the lands of new leadership, you will:

  • Unleash your unique leadership presence and power
  • Gain a level of leadership that is naturally given, not taken
  • Lead from values to inspire creativity and results
  • Attain a new level of clarity, insight and vision
  • Live your true heart's desires with joy and passion
  • Access new leadership skills for a new paradigm
  • Integrate a new leadership presence in your daily life
  • Lead from your highest potential and purpose
  • Become a true thought leader and visionary
  • Evolve the world in which you live

Through Aventure you will co-create cutting-edge leadership practices for the new era. You will be inspired, empowered and equipped to achieve extraordinary results in the workplace. Outcomes will include:

  • Freedom to execute your role as a leader
  • Opening to a work environment that invites sharing and innovation
  • Leading in new, more powerful ways that inspire passion and engagement
  • Driving entrepreneurial instincts in yourself and others
  • Realise the full potential of effective and efficient collaboration
  • Create and lead community


Multi-experiential learning through:

  • In-person workshops
  • Group coaching and social networking

Introduction to the program: