Provocative Coaching

Dynamically work with the issues of performance management in the workplace.


Provocative coaching is of particular value to organizations. This concept of applying systemic coaching techniques to performance issues has a powerful effect on creating solutions and engaging for action. Managers will explore using the Provocative Coaching model to dynamically work with the issues of performance management in the workplace.

Using the most recent research into coaching methods, this program will draw on management strengths and identify the natural coaching styles of the participants, allowing them to build on previous coaching strengths.

Through case studies and experiential sessions, the process of Provocative Coaching will be explored, and participants will identify their strengths as well as consider their own emotional triggers in working with their direct reports. Participants will take away new and unique ways of approaching performance challenges, and develop their abilities to address these issues through the use of Provocative Coaching Methods.

Key competences skills addressed and learned in this program

  • Context-Free questioning methodology
  • Relationship diagnosis
  • Targeting objectives to use with provocative coaching
  • Planning for follow-up and evaluation
  • Exploring the 3 levels of listening
  • When to adjust the target strategy
  • Preparing your provocative coaching mindset
  • Identifying your triggers

Key learning outcomes

Participants, through activities and experiences that explore a systemic coaching process, will develop their skills to use Provocative Coaching as a tool to address the performance issues of their direct reports and teams, as well as other workplace challenges.


2 days

Additional information specific to this program

Participants, after receiving a preparation packet for this course, will identify the issues and challenges they want to work on during the program. They will also complete the brief pre-workshop exploration questions. A workshop manual with material for course participants will be provided onsite.

Following the completion of this program, a packet of materials will be distributed with activities and additional resources that will further reinforce the learning objectives achieved.

Materials for this program

A room that can comfortably accommodate up to 12 participants, several flipcharts, markers, a projection device, and space for break-out sessions.