Presentation and Communication Training for Managers

Practical and theoretical learning to master presentation and communication skills.


Mastering the skills of both Presentation and Communication at the highest professional level requires practical training and theoretical learning. This course will enable participants to move away from their comfort zones by confronting their greatest individual challenges. Not only will their Presentation and Communication skills become stronger but so will their existing skills.

The course is 20% theoretical and 80% practical training with detailed personal feedback and a recording on DVD, if required.

Key competences skills addressed and learned in this program

  • Rhetorical forms of address
  • Storytelling
  • The principle of over-preparation and under-structuring
  • Nerve management – defocusing
  • The “hook and tail” principle
  • The “gravy cube” principle – effective simplification of communication
  • The impact of pauses in the presentation
  • Body language – use of voice and use of space

Key learning outcomes

  • To produce maximum message impact
  • To improve non-verbal communication and increase the impact
  • To impart points with the greatest possible force
  • To master nervousness and convert it into focus and presence
  • To be mentally prepared for the unexpected and strengthen the ability to grab the present and use it proactively as a resource
  • To involve and engage the audience in the reflective space
  • To view material from a sharp, applicable and often unexpected angle to make presentations as relevant, interesting and precise as possible


1-2 days Face-to-Face workshop

Additional information specific to this program

Participants will need to prepare a short presentation with a maximum length of 5 minutes for the course without the use of a Powerpoint presentation.

A workshop manual, a handbook in presentation and communication skills and a template for future presentation preparation will be provided onsite for the course participants.

Materials for this program

A room that can comfortably accommodate up to 14 participants, several flipcharts, markers, a projection device and space for break-out sessions.