Personal Impact Coaching

Develop and maximize your executive presence.


In this coaching program we coach senior executives and help them to develop and maximize their executive presence, the art of positive influence and the ability to communicate confidence and concern for others. This includes how to talk to customers, employees and other stakeholders. Skills are improved by:

  • Positively influencing customers, colleagues and subordinates to get the outcomes you want with everyone feeling valued and respected.
  • Presenting ideas in a more compelling and confident manner.
  • Handling difficult or sensitive topics, (customer meetings, financial presentations, major speeches, team interactions) while reducing nervousness and increasing effectiveness.
  • Developing leadership presence when negotiating with different cultures and personalities.

Key Competencies

We first co-determine a set of stakeholders with whom to conduct a short 360° interview. The goal of the interview is to bridge the gap between self and others’ perceptions. The coach then works together with the client to:

  • Look, act and sound like the leader you are achieving instant likeability and credibility.
  • Use charisma and presence to focus on impact and not on perfection.
  • Find an authentic, credible and compelling personal style without alpha behaviors that may be perceived as “abrasive” by others.
  • Become more audience-focused, message-driven and action-oriented.

Key Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this coaching program you will:

  • Know your current communication style and how others may perceive your behaviors.
  • Identify and eliminate weak spots along with limiting behaviors that hold you back.
  • Understand and discover how the perception of personal power can be communicated to others to influence decisions and agendas.
  • Have an added advantage with your competence and likeability being the key to creating partnerships in all relationships.
  • Become more aware of the non-verbal signals others are sending in order to adapt your style and message and thus move into partnership mode.
  • Present with ease while managing Q&A with confidence and elegance.
  • Know how to make positive first impressions while setting the tone for successful relationships.
  • Use dynamic and persuasive presenting techniques (i.e. body language, voice, and gestures) to build rapport and communicate “instant credibility” while developing an informal, fluent and relaxed, fun style.
  • Know how to integrate compassionate communication (based on the techniques of Nonviolent Communication) into your day-to-day communication to share your observations based on facts, your feelings and needs and to make actionable requests.

Facilitation Method and Participants

Face-to-Face coaching at 2 to 4 hour coaching sessions over a 6 month period for one-on-one coaching.