Negotiation Skills Workshop

Step by step system achieves the best possible outcome for yourself and all participants.


Suitable for all levels of negotiation, from very high value, long-term contracts down to getting the best deal for a hotel room, this course is useful for people at all levels in business and in personal life. Based on the work of George Kohlrieser and the latest research from Harvard Business School, this easy-to-understand process can be learned in a day or two and put to use immediately. We will show you how to remove the emotion and fear from negotiations, and use a structured, step-by-step system to ensure that you can reach not only the best possible deal for yourself, but the best possible deal for all participants in any situation.

We use a combination of experiential and conventional learning methods to guarantee an enjoyable but intensive learning experience that really sticks.

The Key competencIes and skills you will learn on this course

  • How to prepare yourself or your team to negotiate the best possible deal
  • The principles of negotiation in relation to your work and situation
  • The negotiation process and the specific stages needed to reach a good resolution
  • The ‘10 steps to a wise agreement’. This is both a process and a framework.
  • How to recognise and when to use different negotiation styles, and how to deal with them
  • Recognise and appreciate different communication preferences in yourself and others, and know how and when to use them in the negotiation process
  • Understand how and when to make concessions, and to keep track of them during a negotiation
  • Understand and recognise different influencing styles
  • Know what success looks like and when to stop talking

Key learning outcomes

You will be able to use the techniques, processes and framework to successfully negotiate deals and agreements in any situation. You will be able to do this calmly, without fear, and confident that you will have reached the best agreement possible.


1 - 2 days (We can cram this into one long and very intense day, but the best results are achieved through the two day course, where you have more time to absorb and practise the skills and techniques in a supportive and fun environment)

Additional information specific to this program

A workshop manual with material for course participants will be provided onsite. This will additionally contain a number of worksheets for use in practical negotiation situations.

Materials for this program

A room that can comfortably accommodate up to 16 participants, several flipcharts, markers, a projection device, and 3 separate rooms or quiet areas for break-out sessions in the afternoon for the experiential negotiation activity.