Working well with ambiguity, complexity and constant change


Everything is fluid… changing and shifting and evolving… all the time. Nothing is certain, nothing is clear-cut and what worked well yesterday doesn't necessarily work today. It’s not just about being more change-friendly and getting comfortable with ambiguity… it’s about becoming more fluid and agile. Before anyone could predict or prepare for it, the past few years brought rapid change that demanded unparalleled flexibility. Only the most agile and adaptable survived and will continue to thrive in the relentless rush and flow of business today. Learn from real stories about how to “go with the flow” and take everyone with you for lasting transformation. Explore your emotional response to uncertainty and find out how to get comfortable with ambiguity. Gain the tools to be change-ready and the confidence to proactively deal with the challenges.



Key Program Features

Navigator equips and empowers you to… 

  • Navigate situational change, understand internal transition and know how to lead yourself and others through uncharted waters
  • Have what it takes to build trust and create psychological safety in today’s hybrid workplace
  • Understand agility as a key competence in today’s workplace and resilience as the outcome of learning agility
  • Be more resilient, more adaptable and more agile 



Framework and Timeline

A coach-facilitated, learning journey that is user-friendly and creates minimal disruption to busy working lives, while producing results that have a real and immediate impact. 

Navigator is delivered over 3-6 weeks including 3 x 120 min virtual sessions.



The Next Steps

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