Manager to Coach

How and why coaching works as a system.


This workshop introduces a comprehensive range of coaching skills and behaviours and the objective is for participants to understand how and why coaching works as a system. As a result of attending the program participants start using core coaching skills and shift to an advanced level of communication and relationship building that is both inspiring and motivational.

This is a highly interactive, experiential workshop during which participants learn how to think and behave like a coach and discover for themselves how efficient and effective coaching can be. The program examines the definition and distinctions of coaching and introduces both essential and advanced coaching skills and principles, and explains how the different elements work and interact to produce extraordinary results. Key teaching methods are real-time coaching demonstrations, real-play exercises and dialogue.

Successful participants leave the program with a clear understanding of coaching, how coaching works as a system and a clear picture of how they can use it on a daily basis to take those they lead and their organization to peak performance.

Key competences/skills addressed and learned

  • Relating to others
  • Active listening
  • Discovery questioning
  • Trust building
  • Advanced communication skills (messaging, advising, virtual communication)
  • How to structure a coaching conversation using GROW
  • Being open: saying it like it is
  • Calling potential: outrageous requesting
  • Acknowledging and validating: celebrating what is
  • Self-leadership: personal foundation as a coaching skill

Key learning outcomes

Participants who complete this program:

  • Are able to form collaborative relationships.
  • Can quickly determine the human and business context a person brings to the table.
  • Are adept at assisting others in discovering new perspectives and underlying options for themselves.
  • Know how to listen with their own agenda set aside so they can hear and understand the value of what is and is not being said.
  • Are naturally honest, open and able to convey messages with few words and the utmost respect.
  • Can get themselves and others to see both where they are and where they want to be and use coaching to bridge the gap.
  • Ask more of an individual than they ask of themselves to evoke possibility thinking and the development of potential.
  • Know how to sincerely endorse, acknowledge and promote others.


2 days

Addition information specific to this program

A room suitable for up to 20 participants, ideally with break out space for up to 5 groups, 4 x flipcharts, writing materials, projector.

There are no printed materials required for this program. Participants are provided with electronic preparation materials a week prior to the workshop and should allow at least an hour for this. They also receive the slide set and recommended reading list electronically post-workshop.