Leading Others

Becoming a successful leader by adjusting your mindset.

How to become an effective and successful leader of others? This transition calls for a fundamental adjustment in mindset!

TNM Coaching has developed a powerful program to support first level of leaders in developing the appropriate work values, time application and skills. This program is tailored to integrate organizations leadership model, values, culture and HR tools while powering a healthy leadership pipeline.

This program is inspired by realization based learning principles connecting the participants' real life and business situation with content. This program is so practical that participants often feel that being at the program is like being at their job.

Key Learning outcomes

Ask a leader of others to state 4 good reasons for having a 25% bonus. Chances are that three out of four statements will relate to individual contributor work rather than to leadership achievements. And this is not a coincidence. Many leaders experience their first promotion into a leadership role as a result of being capable individual contributors. However, the consequences are obvious. Since people tend to do what they are good at and what they are recognized for being good at, they will feel tempted to continue focusing their efforts on individual contributor work rather than at leadership work.

This challenge will only grow bigger if not addressed early in the leadership career. More skill-based leadership training will not help. It takes fundamental support in adapting to new work values and starts recognizing that as leaders they add value to the organization through leadership achievements rather than just individual contributor work.

Leading Others inspires the new leaders to appreciate and step into their role as a leader and to lead at the right level.


This program consists of 7 Modules that can be delivered in 4 face-to-face days. Working through all 7 modules will enable participants to master each leadership transition while learning foundational leadership skills for newly appointed leaders.