Leading Leaders

Connect all the levels of your organization

How to become an effective and successful leader of leaders? This transition calls for a fundamental adjustment in mindset!

TNM Coaching has developed a powerful program to support leaders at leading leaders level in developing the appropriate work values, time application and skills. This program can be tailored to capture specific organization's desired leadership culture and existing HR tools while powering a healthy leadership pipeline.

This program is inspired by realization based learning principles connecting the participants' real life and business situation with content. This program is so practical that participants often feel that being at the program is like being at their job.

Key Learning outcomes

A popular saying is that people join a company but they leave their leader. Around 75% of employees in an organisation are individual contributors and thus report to leaders of others. The consequence is evident. The importance of having leaders at the leading others level who have truly transitioned into their leadership role is critical to the overall engagement in the organisation.

And who selects and develops the leaders of others? That would be the leaders of leaders. Accordingly, the leaders of leaders play a significant role in driving engagement by selecting leaders with good leadership potential and develop them into capable leaders of others.

Applied the right way in the organisation the Leading Leaders program will ensure that leaders start valuing getting results through others, rather than getting involved in everything themselves.


This program consists of 7 modules that can be delivered in 4 face-to-face days. Working though all 7 modules will enable participants to master each leadership transition while learning foundational leadership skills for 2nd line leaders.