Leading Change Webex

Be a leader who translates change from something that concerns, to a creative activity employees embrace.

We need to handle change gracefully and even initiate it. Change is a critical factor in business success. In human beings, it often causes fear and stress. Be a leader who translates change from something that concerns, to a creative, constructive activity employees embrace! Boost morale, commitment and creativity toward long-term business development.

Why Change Management?

For organizational change to be truly effective and beneficial, it is crucial to have the support and buy-in of the staff where the change is to be implemented. This may appear to be an obvious statement. All too often the impact of change on the people of the organization is ignored. This program helps you not only deal with the change, it helps you understand who you need to be because of the change.

“People change what they do less because they are given analysis that shifts their thinking than because they are shown a truth that influences feelings.” John Kotter (2005)

What will I learn during this program?

Understanding and leading people through change and the different ways people respond to organizational change, what they require to accept, support and sustainably manage change and the particular strengths and weaknesses they may bring to the current organizational environment is commonly overlooked. It will therefore come as no surprise that it is the employees who are identified as the primary reason why organizational change programs do not achieve the desired outcome.

This program helps you identify a change process that works from initiating to implementing and follow-up. It is also beneficial as it assists you to recognize and manage the varying responses to change in your staff.

During this program you will:

  • Learn how to deal with change personally and understand what triggers resistance to change in the brain and how the brain reacts when faced with change.
  • Explore ways to hold a change conversation and support staff through a change process.
  • Understand the relevance of change through the personal resources and changes from our lives.
  • Be aware of common reactions to change and create success criteria for successful change programs.
  • Explore the differences in conflict management styles and discover ways to adapt styles.
  • Know how to communicate effectively in change and how to be aware of change blockers.
  • Define three key elements needed to sustain change to create and present a compelling vision of change.
  • Acknowledge the sources of resistance when communicating to employees and then practice using the AID feedback model when coaching for change.
  • Demonstrate the importance of self-care when leading change and identify self-care drains and gains that support or hinder change efforts.
  • Understand why people revert back to old behavior after they begin to change and then practice addressing typical justifications for resisting change with employees.
  • Use coaching questions to move employees from a problem to possibility focus.
  • Mobilize support in their work groups and within the organization to decrease the negative effects and more quickly identify the benefits of change.

How does thIS program work?

This course is about successfully leading others through the constant change we all face: mergers, layoffs, reduced capacity, restructurings, new business, and different ways of facing and doing business. The course is designed not to focus on the change itself, rather the transitional and psychological shifts that are about the people in the change.

You will join a lively cross-functional Webex class of your peers for 6 ninety-minute sessions held every week for 6 weeks. You will be asked to read a chapter from one book and complete an exercise before the first class. Then additional materials will be sent before select sessions. Also, you will be paired with someone from the class to share one-to-one coaching to enable you to adopt these skills quickly and confidently. This peer support provides the added advantage of addressing your needs as they arise when you are implementing the powerful tools and techniques real-time with your teams. The total study time for this learning solution is estimated at approximately 30 hours. The weekly Webex sessions require 9 hours of time. Additionally there are pre-study materials and inter-session work, which is estimated to take an additional 20 hours of time.

Who is this course for?

This program is beneficial to those leading and managing change in your organization, and for those affected by change.

So what if I attend this program?

By attending this program you will better understand common reactions to change and know who you need to be in times of change. Change, a constant of life, ceases to be dreaded and becomes positive. You will also develop your own confidence and capability to deal with change, learn to use powerful tools developed by highly successful business professionals, better understand your own leadership style when dealing with change and how you can adapt to best lead others through this process.