Leadership 101

Lead with power, integrity and engagement


They say that being a leader begins with self-leadership. And it does. They say that being a leader is not a role, but a state of mind. And it is. Being a leader is about thinking and behaving in a way that makes others want to engage with you to get things done.


Roles and responsibilities may change as you progress in your career but the fundamental principles and practices of leadership remain the same. Whether you’re new to leadership, or you’ve been doing it for years, Leadership 101 is designed to educate and empower you as a leader of individuals and teams.

Having a firm understanding of the day-to-day practices of good leadership makes life better and more fruitful for you and for everyone you work with. It also provides you with solid foundations and fertile ground for your further growth and development as a leader.

Leadership 101 is a facilitated, virtual learning experience, based on high impact learning principles. It covers core management and key leadership skills, as well as exploring the personal qualities of effective leaders. This program is applicable for leaders on all levels!

Learning outcomeS

  • Understand the fundamental principles and practices of being a leader of individuals and teams
  • Understand the importance of demonstrating emotional intelligence at work including self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy and social skills
  • Be competent and confident conducting performance dialogues, including feedback, coaching and challenging conversations
  • Understand how to motivate and engage others by adapting to their needs and role modelling adult-to-adult communication
  • Make the transition to a leadership state of mind

Framework and timeline

Leadership 101 is a 4 month process of self-organised learning on our digital platform, where you pick up the knowledge and theory of leadership, interspersed with a series of four coach- facilitated, virtual sessions where you get to reflect, share experiences and practice using new skills and models, with your peers.

The digital element features content that is interactive, thought provoking and inspiring. As you move through the content you can share ideas and insights with your peers, comment on theirs, and get support from your facilitators and colleagues. The virtual sessions are an opportunity to reflect on your learning journey, delve deeper into key topics and practice key skills in a safe space.

Blended Learning Breakdown

4-cycles of Digital Learning on Mobile or Web App
4 x 90 minutes Virtual Group Coaching Calls
Time frame: 4 months

Key FeatureS

  • Clear pathway and roadmap with flexibility of self-organised learning
  • Self-assessment to identify personal learning goals
  • Social learning and peer support
  • Personal coach facilitation throughout
  • Curated collection of digital resources for your information and inspiration
  • Action planning for immediate application and fast impact

The next steps

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