Internal Coach

Coaching your Organization Inside Out

For coaching to have its most powerful impact, the ethos of coaching needs to be a part of the company culture. To this end, TNM Coaching offers in-house coach training to companies and organisations that are dedicated to results through people development. In-house coach training enables sustainability of culture change due to its almost immediate return on investment.

Our programmes are tailor-made to fit your objectives, challenges and budget. From introductory half days to extended in-house Certified Company Coach Programmes through Mastery in Coaching Corporate/Organizational Coach programmes for your existing coaches and managers, we will create the training programme and the appropriate backup support that will answer the questions facing your company/organization.

We know from our delegates that TNM Coaching brings some real magic to coach training and that programmes are a transformative personal journey as much as a great training programme.

It is vital that any investment in coach training is made in alignment with business drivers and has a clearly identified outcome. We will therefore take the time to understand the issues and objectives that you want the coach training to address and then design a proposal for you based on those objectives.

Our coach training programmes are bespoke to your own business goals and drivers and based on our tried and tested International Coach Federation accredited training programme. Content, format and duration are bespoke to your requirements based on an initial consultation process.

We provide a rich blend of multi-media training methodology – face to face seminars, telephone mentoring, teleconferencing, training manuals and an online library of audio and written materials so that the learner can design a programme based on their own preferred learning style. The mix of audio and written materials minimises downtime from the office whilst maximising learning depth and breadth.

Content is tailored to your own needs in addition to a core of essential coaching fundamentals.

Coaching fundamentals include:

Preparing for success:

  • Self-assessment of coaching approach and leadership style.
  • What is coaching?
  • Pre-course reading on the basics of coaching and how to prepare for the programme.
  • Setting of learning objectives based on reflective thinking on role and organisational drivers.
  • “In a nutshell” concept summaries.
  • What is coaching?
  • Understanding change and why people find it so difficult.
  • TGROW model

This module is sent by PDF as soon as the delegate’s place is confirmed on the programme. All further modules are taught through a mix of seminars, multi-media, one-to-one telephone mentoring session and teleconferences.

Module One: Coaching Foundations:

  • Understanding change.
  • The TGROW model.
  • Developing rapport.
  • Coaching presence.
  • Listening to new depths.
  • Powerful questions.
  • Goal setting for motivation and momentum.
  • The role of curiosity in coaching.
  • Building trust and intimacy.

Module Two: Being an Internal coach:

  • What are the challenges and opportunities of being an internal coach?
  • Being an agent for change in the company.
  • Meeting ethical guidelines and professional standards.
  • The Intake Session.
  • Designing the alliance.
  • Closing the call powerfully.

Module Three: Building your Toolkit:

  • Coaching practice.
  • Creating action plans.
  • Maintaining focus.
  • Deepening coaching presence.
  • Eliciting and working with values.
  • Beliefs.
  • Coaching potential in others.
  • Aligning personal and business goals.
  • Building energy, motivation and momentum.
  • Managing progress and accountability.
  • Creativity and lightness in coaching.
  • The “stuck” coachee.
  • Managing emotions powerfully.

Module Four: The Physiology of Change:

  • The role of the body in coaching.
  • Understanding why change doesn’t happen – and how to make it happen.
  • Embodying success.

Additional topics for inclusion if required:

Coaching Leadership:

  • Being the change – Personal leadership for Coaches.
  • Coaching leadership in others.
  • The levels of Leadership.
  • Creating a Coaching Culture.
  • Being an agent for change.
  • Team Coaching.
  • Planning and evaluating coaching.
  • Making Coaching Count.