Insight Selling by Frederik Engelsman

Developing your advanced Sales Competences through working with the latest selling concepts and skills.

About this Class

Insight Selling provides a complete overview of the most effective sales concepts and skills, from Consultative Sales to the Challenger Sale. The program covers the background and fundaments of these concepts and presents hands-on models allowing participants to practice and put the effective skills into action.


Why should I attend?

Using the latest, greatest selling principles and techniques, you will learn to increase your sales skills and build better relationships and receive bigger rewards! You will be engaged and challenged through interactive presentations, sub-group workshops and break-out exercises. This program integrates the concept of action learning giving you real-life tasks to complete and requiring your daily practice of the concepts and skills shared in each session.  


What will I learn?

  • The Key research findings on what makes certain sales profiles more effective
  • Two models of excellence in sales
  • The fundamental selling skills
  • The Consultative Selling Model
  • The Insight Selling model
  • The Insight Selling Skills:
  • Reframing with insights
  • Taking control
  • Tailoring for resonance
  • Closing the sale

 An addition model can be provided to provide the design of the so-called Challenger Pitch.


Format and Schedule 

The program is delivered in 5 x 90 to 180 minutes virtual sessions. 

A description of each session is shared below:

Session One: The Top Salesperson (90 minutes)

  • Program background and research findings
  • Good versus bad selling
  • Top sales profile
  • The 3 principles of selling

Session Two: The Consultative Sales Model (120 minutes, incl 10 min break)

  • ICC model: interested - convinced - closure
  • The fundamental selling skills
  • The structure of the call

Session Three:  Insight Selling Model (120 minutes, incl 10 min break)

  • Practicing an effective opening
  • Insight selling
  • Taking Control
  • Reframing with Insight

Session Four: Reframing with Insight Break Out Exercise (120 minutes, incl 10 min break)

  • Tailoring for resonance
  • Setting up for success

Session Five: Advanced Selling Skills (120 minutes, incl 10 min break)

  • High Gain questions
  • Dealing with objections
  • Handling pressure


Session Six: The Challenger Sales Pitch (180 minutes)

  • Model, preparation, and practice



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Your teacher

Frederik Engelsman, owner of Create2Experience, a consulting company specializing in leadership impact, team performance, and personal growth, loves to talk about people and performance.
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