Inside-Out Leadership

Energized, focused and effective


Inside Out Leadership is research-based and delivers practical tools and strategies to enhance organisational excellence and day-to-day workplace effectiveness. It involves learning to pay attention: on purpose, in the present moment to whatever arises in the field of experience.

Key competences skills addressed and learned in this program

Among the competencies for performance based on inner awareness: emotional self-control, recovering from stress quickly and managing distressing feelings; adaptability as circumstances change and keeping focus.

Foundation for interpersonal leadership competencies like influence, conflict management and negotiation, inspiring others and motivating them, teamwork and collaboration.


Workshops can be tailor-made to the business.

We suggest a half-day workshop, or a series of shorter workshops over a full day to cover a larger audience.

The workshop is designed with reference to any ongoing culture change, leadership or L&D training that participants are currently undergoing, so that it feels immediately relevant and applicable to them.

Additional information specific to this program

A workshop manual with material for course participants will be provided onsite.

Following the completion of this program, materials will be distributed with additional resources that will further reinforce the learning objectives achieved.

Materials for this program

An effective group size for this program is 12 participants. A training room suitable for 14 people (including trainer) and sufficient extra space for role plays and exercises.