Leading with Care

Impact logoIMPACT is a 3-month experiential leadership development program, designed in partnership between CARE and TNM Coaching.

IMPACT combines the very best one week on-the-ground humanitarian experience with facilitated leadership development and executive coaching. This combination of expertise creates a dynamic and meaningful learning experience that is transformational for all those involved.

The world is facing challenges of an unprecedented nature. Companies are increasingly challenged to develop the way leaders think and act to succeed in a constantly changing world. They should inspire their organizations, as well as future leaders, to take up the opportunity of bringing responsible leadership and sustainability to the very core of business thinking. We need to act now so that initiatives can be implemented, scaled up and momentum sustained.

We are inviting organisations to nominate visionary leaders and courageous professionals eager to make strong commitments to delivering economic, social, and environmental benefits to society. We set ourselves the task of solving the challenges in a new way.

Impact Benefits

People and Planet

  • New and innovative solutions to some of today’s most complex and pressing challenges such as climate change, food insecurity and energy access
  • Sustainable value and problem-solving creation with practical implementation
  • Support to consider complex systems-level problems and driving change with base in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


  • Develop authentic leadership style and competencies critical for future success
  • Embody the characteristics of a change agent for sustainability while inspiring others
  • Reflective acknowledgment armed with deep awareness and purpose and how to align this with wider business needs


  • Increase innovation and value creation with a purpose-driven culture
  • Build a learning environment that inspires leaders to change
  • Strengthen employee engagement and a high-performing culture

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Climate change and the refugee crisis are two current immense global challenges that are tightly woven together and IMPACT wants to tackle these crises.

We have identified 4 major challenges, which will benefit from co-created innovative solutions and new perspectives:

  1. Food supply
  2. Water supply
  3. Nature preservation
  4. Sustainable housing

Join us in creating the world’s first sustainable refugee camp – where refugees and people living around the camp regain the opportunity to create an independent future for themselves, and where things are done in balance with the natural environment.