Human Leader

“If you treat an individual as if they are what they ought to be and could be, they will become what they ought to be and could be.” Goethe

Why the 'Human Leader'?

Leadership is a natural phenomenon and the human being is an ultra-social creature with a unique set of abilities and resources with which we create and transform ourselves, the people around us and the organisations where we work.

The future is always uncertain; the new age of technology and artificial intelligence is emerging, and we are experiencing rapidly changing climates in the economic and natural world, along with the occasional surprise from Mother Nature.

Currently, there is the greatest need to understand and make better use of those skills and abilities which make us uniquely human. We need to read context well, make sense of the changes in our world, predict and plan accordingly, spark our imagination, ignite our agility, and meaningfully connect with and inspire others, in order to successfully create a future path. This is the role of the human leader.

What will the program bring my organisation?

“We have the simple but radical conviction that organization's will best prosper when they are more deeply aligned with the individual's strongest motive, which is to grow.” 

Robert Kegan & Lisa Laskow Lahey

Drawing on state-of-the-art knowledge and practices from many fields including organizational psychology and integral development, this transformational growth program reframes and rejuvenates the concept of leadership for our times.

We know that many organizations are only engaging a portion of their human potential and most individuals are yet to discover the wealth of their individual potential. This program is about the realization of the potential of our organisations through the development of the individual's abilities and resources – we start with the human.

Who is it for?

The program is incredibly comprehensive. It is designed for people to grow. All of us increasingly need to employ leadership skills in our lives no matter what our role- to make sense of situations, to be active problem solvers, to influence and engage others and much more. All of the knowledge and skills included in the program are as relevant for senior leaders as they are for a leader of others, as they are for a specialist or an entire team.

What will you learn?

The experience is designed to appeal to your rational mind as much as your emotional mind, to your attention to detail as much as your 'big picture' awareness, to your inner self as to the external world. It is as informative as it is experiential.

Each session focuses on a uniquely human ability (our powers) with a view to understanding how we work and how we can develop these powerful aspects of ourselves to become a fully operational leader.

Our Powers:

The Power of Connection
Develop thriving relationships and high performing teams

The Power of Imagination
Learn, play, create the future, innovate

The Power of Rational Thinking
Solve problems and develop clear thinking

The Power of Emotional Engagement
Motivate and inspire self and others

The Power of Attention: Observation & Flow
Create focus and headspace

The Power of Planning, Strategy & Decision
Create and navigate the best path

The Power of 'I': Will & Self Awareness
Know yourself, create yourself

The Power of Knowledge and Integration
Putting it all together in reality

(Further breakdown as to the precise knowledge and skills learned in each of these sessions is available upon request.)

How do we do this?

The Complete Human Leader

This highly recommended comprehensive version can take place face to face or in a virtual space with continuous coaching sessions to integrate learning.

An insightful blend of presentation, facilitation, coaching, journaling and action learning contribute to an inspirational learning experience where you are encouraged to think critically and investigate with curiosity. Making best use of learning in relationship, attendees will be in contact with each other for peer to peer coaching throughout the program, consistently developing their coaching & communication skills and supporting their development.

Further group integration and optional one-one coaching with the facilitators is also offered to accelerate personal development and overcome persistent obstacles to growth.

Specially curated learning resources, tools and materials are provided where you can deepen your knowledge and develop the skills which are most relevant to you and your organisation.

Virtual or Face to Face or Customised

Virtual: The virtual version is recommended to take place over 12 weeks so that action learning, peer-peer coaching and reflection can take place. The virtual sessions are designed to be fun and invigorating, they involve presentation, facilitation, group-coaching and interactive exercises.

7 x 4 hr group virtual sessions for up to 18 people
1 x 90 min virtual introduction group session (Knowledge)
2 x 90 min virtual integration group session (Integration)

Optional extra: 3 to 4 sessions of 60 min virtual one-one integration coaching for those that may benefit.

Face to Face: The face to face intensive learning experience takes place over 3 days in a venue of your choice. Designed to connect, invigorate and inspire, these sessions make use of our natural learning style. We can learn more effectively in living, dynamic groups. These sessions are fun and engaging, involving presentation, facilitation, group-coaching, group exercises and games.

3 x days for up to 18 people
1 x virtual introduction group session (Knowledge)
2 x virtual integration group session (Integration)

Optional extra: 3 to 4 sessions of 60 min virtual one-one integration coaching for those that may benefit.

Human Leader Customised

A variation on the above according to individual or organisational needs
Modules can also be chosen as stand-alone modules. We are here to discuss your needs.