Frontline Leader

For leadership demonstrated across your frontline.


Frontline Leader is an in-depth, comprehensive transition program designed for mastery of core leadership skills. Building on existing skills and workplace experience, the program explores the shift required to move from Individual Contributor to Leader of Others, to see and ably address the bigger picture. Rollout across your organization's frontline (even globally) is the most effective use of this program. Participants develop their capability to shift from a strong operational management capability to organizational leadership in their development of future business and individual potential, to meet and exceed strategic challenges in tandem with the delivery of short-to-medium term results.

  • Core coaching and communication skills
  • Prioritizing and setting objectives
  • Delegation
  • Optimizing the team
  • Succession planning

Key competencies/skills addressed

  • Leadership versus individual contributor
  • Decision making and strategic thinking in complex environments
  • To lead change, create a sense of ownership
  • Asking versus telling for inclusion and initiative of team
  • Leading teams

Key learning outcomes

The participants will leave the program with:

  • A new vision of themselves as Leaders.
  • Practical leadership approaches: tools, techniques, strategies.
  • Shared insights, compared experiences and best practices.
  • Tangible action plans for taking charge and lead throughout their organizations.
  • A plan of action that specifically addresses the personal business and professional challenges, allowing them to return to the workplace stimulated, re-energized, and ready to lead.

For the organization

This program can bring consistency to leadership across the frontline, build the competency of leaders at that level and increase lattice-based matrix organizational operation. It disperses power and the ability to engage and inspire leaders at all levels.

As a result, the organization benefits from;

  • Skilled and energized frontline leaders with skills that encourage staff involvement and help create a positive work environment.
  • Frontline Leaders with fresh and innovative leadership strategies.
  • Frontline Leaders with a clear plan of action to develop towards exceptional leadership.


4.5 days