Facilitation Skills

Learn how to present concepts, foster ideas and steer processes.

At the forefront of any organization, communication skills are crucial to the success of a company. Individuals must be able to present, influence and connect with others in a powerful and persuasive manner. Those responsible for facilitating PEX meetings and processes often need more than just general training. They need focused training and coaching on how to facilitate and lead processes, without becoming content owners themselves. Additionally, a crucial skill of successful facilitators is how they present themselves, foster ideas and steer processes. This is a course for anyone who needs to facilitate a PEX meeting, manage or lead a process and for participants attending meetings that go off track. It is also applicable for trainers and presenters – regardless of skill level or ability – no matter what size group.


Augment the team's ability to interact convincingly with peers within the company and act as PEX ambassadors to the user groups / communities. Provide the tools to communicate in an authentic manner conveying, “PEX is your trusted partner,” and then anchor that perception with all audiences. The key is augmenting confidence, not arrogance towards others.


Improve executive presence when public speaking, be able to present, moderate trouble shoot – pitching ideas in a conversational friendly tone, working constructively with pushback and creating collaborative working relationships. When presenting, come across with more gravitas, precision and structure so individuals and audiences follow their messages, understand their approach and take action on requests. Manage responses to challenging questions and how to positively handle challengers.

The seminar will link to the Six Thinking Hats approach and introduce the Four Quadrant Communication Model. This includes presentation skills, emotional awareness and communication skills. During the seminar the model will be introduced and discussed in depth. New behaviors will be introduced through coaching and video so team members are able to remain in “The Harmony Space” by design, not by chance. Not only will presentation and impact skills increase, participants will have the awareness, motivation how to step into this conscious response in all interactions.


  • Understand how to be successful by design, not by chance and remain in the Harmony Space.
  • Know how to tighten their communication style – saying less, with more personal impact, thus increasing self confidence with audiences of all sizes.
  • Positively influence customers, colleagues and subordinates to get the desired outcomes with everyone feeling valued and respected.
  • Present ideas in a more compelling, and confident manner.
  • Handle difficult or sensitive topics, (customer meetings, presentations, major speeches, and team interactions) while reducing nervousness and increasing effectiveness.
  • Know how to maintain self-awareness while remaining calm, cool, and collected in all interactions.
  • Become aware of movements, reactions and receptivity and how to make any necessary changes while interacting with others.
  • Use one’s charisma and presence to focus on impact – never on perfection and thus find an authentic, credible and compelling personal style.
  • Understand how to coach ideas in terms of facts, make needs-based and actionable requests to audiences.


Theory, introduction of concepts, model overview, specific techniques, small and large group exercises, multiple individual videotaped coachings, practice, debriefing and follow-up.

A follow up group phone session for participants takes place 6 to 8 weeks after the course.

Participants are filmed approximately 3 times over the course of the 2 day session with Flip video cameras. Since the session is interactive, PowerPoint will not be used.