Espresso coaching face to face

The foundations of coaching in one day.


  • The basic principles and practices of coaching in one potent shot.
  • Rich and intense, this program constitutes a master class in the use of coaching as a communication tool to drive performance.
  • It delivers the building bricks of coaching communication, covering the basic skills and principles, as well as the mindset and attitudes that underpin successful coaching.
  • A potent experience that wakes you up to the power of coaching!

Key competencies/skills addressed and learned

  • Definition & Distinctions of Coaching
  • Core Coaching Skills
  • Easy to use GROW Coaching Model
  • Real-Life Practice Cases
  • The Magic Ingredient: How to think and act like a coach

Key learning outcomes

Participants who complete this program have a clear idea of the basic skills and competencies that are foundational to performance coaching in the workplace. They know how to use coaching as a way of communicating on a daily basis as well as how to structure and conduct a successful coaching conversation. They are also aware of the important role self-awareness and mindset play on the part of the coach and are able to easily recognize when coaching adds value and when it does not.

Teaching format

This workshop includes a mix of lecture, discussion, and coaching scenarios for practice, learning exercises and coaching demonstrations by the lead coach. Participants will leave with a toolbox of techniques to immediately begin applying the skills and making positive changes within their organizations.

This program can be taken as 1 day Face to Face training.