Effective Communication Skills

Learn how to get people to understand what you say and what you mean.


When it comes to communications, effectiveness means that the people who are listening to you fully understand what you are saying and what you mean. As a bonus, you might also influence them to feel and think about an issue the same way as you do.

Sound easy? Not for humans. If you care about how well you connect and get along with others, you will be practicing and striving to improve your communications your entire life. Yet, considering the opposite effect, of not being understood or of being ignored, it is well worth your time and energy to become an effective communicator.

Effective communication includes both intrapersonal intelligence understanding your self and interpersonal intelligence understanding what drives other people's thoughts and behaviours.

The latest research on leadership indicates that how well we communicate is a greater factor for ensuring successful results when working with people than technical knowledge and skills. And when we don't communicate well the results can damage both career growth and a person's wellbeing.

Key competencies and skills

  • A better understanding of your own behaviour.
  • New skills in relating to and influencing others. and
  • A greater understanding of what is involved in conflict resolution, influence, and leadership.

Key learning outcomes

By the end of the program, you will have learned how to:

  • Describe specific behaviours of effective communication.
  • Identify the major barriers to listening and communicating well.
  • Assess your current communication style.
  • Learn how to flex your style to better connect with others.
  • Identify the three levels of listening and practice powerful listening techniques.
  • Explore the role and importance of feedback.
  • Explore the nature and role of non-verbal elements in the communication process.
  • Define the source of most conflicts and practice powerful conflict resolution techniques.


2 days

Additional information

A workbook will be created complete with assessments and team exercises that can be duplicated for the participants. If the trainer is expected to provide the materials, there will be an extra materials fee for each participant.