Driving Key Performance


Highly effective teams base their collaboration on trust and a shared goal. This program is aimed at creating the conditions for greater collaboration, trust and effective communication between team members. It also helps alignment around the team’s mission and team objectives as well as discussing and agreeing on the ways of working to drive the team’s performance

The basis for these conversations will be a better understanding of how the team is built in terms of personality profiles and how the team can leverage on the diversity that it contains.


Key Competencies And Skills

During the workshop, the following aspects will be explored:

Who we are

Reflecting on our personality traits and the impact we have on other people is an essential part of self-leadership and leadership.

This allows us as individuals to choose what to say and do, work more effectively within our teams and increases motivation.

Understanding also what similarities and differences are present in a team and discussing them allows teams to act more consciously, chose how to communicate and how to best deal with problem solving and decision making.

For this reason, we recommend to use an assessment questionnaire such as Hogan or MBTI. These questionnaires can be completed online and should be followed by a 1:1 feedback session with the program coach.

During the 1 day workshop the team will explore:

What we do

  • Team objectives: What is our 'team mission'? Where do we want to be in 1-3 years?
  • Stakeholders: who are they and what are their expectations?
  • To get where we want to be, compared to the current situation, what are our strengths and what are the areas for improvement?
  • What are our keys to success? How far are we?

How we do it

  • Discuss and decide what to CONTINUE doing, START doing and STOP doing
  • Define the team’s rules for collaboration
  • Agree on an action plan


Key LEarning Outcomes

The workshop is designed to give the participants a space for a better understanding of their specific team dynamics and an opportunity for alignment.

The use of a personality questionnaire is recommended.

The training approach is straightforward, hands-on, reflective and extremely interactive.



1 day face to face (or 2 half days virtual) workshop.

1 x Follow–up conference call for the participant group 6 weeks following session.