Creating Innovative Organization

Create culture for innovations and you will get innovators.

What is innovation and why are people terrified when forced to be innovative? Our learning approach is focused on innovation demystification, helping participants to understand innovation before they let off they creative side flowing. Every person is creative and innovative in they everyday life, without even noticing it, why should be any different in the workplace? The spectrum coaching programme is designed to give participants and organization as a whole an opportunity to learn how to unleash their creative potential.

Programme is structured in a way to cover two distinctive processes in the organization:

  • Organization capacity to create an environment where innovation will flourish.
  • Stimulate people to be innovative in their daily tasks.

Target Audience:

  • Leadership team, helping them to create a culture for innovation
  • Mid-level management, people who will lead the innovation

Key Programme Outcomes:

  • To develop effective leadership behaviour that will stimulate innovation and help in establishing long-term innovation culture.
  • Balancing business targets delivery with constant need to change and develop, ie innovate.
  • Stimulate people to unleash their creative potential and feel innovation as daily work rather than imposed target.

Sample Programme Design

The typical programme components, spread across six months, are:

  • Understanding the company’s requirements and adapting programme design and modules
  • Introduction and internal briefings
  • Pre assignment Leadership team participation in setting the programme plan and expectation for each phase of the programme.
  • Group workshop for a Leadership Team – a key element of the programme covering topics such as innovation demystification, innovation process within organization, innovation lifecycle, innovation role in company’s culture.
  • Group workshop for mid-level Managers, innovations lead – how to unlock creative potential within their teams
  • One to one coaching with Leadership Team – In-depth coaching sessions, giving individuals the opportunity to reflect further and embed learning in their action.
  • One to one coaching with chosen individuals – In-depth coaching sessions, giving individuals the opportunity to reflect further and embed learning in their action.

Core Workshop Modules

(to be decided during the preparation stage):

  • Innovation demystification
  • Innovation Lifecycle
  • Creating Innovation process within a given organisation
  • Personal change and transformation
  • Stretching yourself to expand your comfort zone
  • Feedback, reflection and action planning