Creating a High Performing Team

Making vision become a reality to create a winning team.


What are the key factors that impact team performance? Where are we as a team and where do we want to go? What will we do to make our vision become reality? This 2 to 3 day program helps teams and team leaders to create a winning team. The program is tailored to facilitate the entire team and can also be given to a group of team leaders. This training is about inside to outside development. It starts with a clear diagnosis of current team performance and then through a series of exercises and modules this course helps the team to start creating a successful future. This program has a well-balanced mixture of team knowledge and key communication, leadership and coaching skills.

Key Competencies

  • Key to success: Main insights into team performance
  • Team diagnose: Where are we
  • Team coaching skills
  • Team wisdom: What - Why - Input-Output team workshop ? Leadership skills: Personal linking - task linking - leadership linking
  • Team coaching skills
  • Change conversation: Addressing critical matters
  • Team member talent and potential survey
  • Engaging in Win-Win relationships
  • Team vision and objective development
  • Team development phases
  • Team performance stages
  • How to maintain a high performing team

Key Learning Outcomes

The team leaders and members start a learning adventure by developing awareness of the key success elements of high performing teams while analyzing and understanding their own team process and their individual contributions. They will be able to develop key communication and team coaching skills and implement these techniques while engaging in honest and authentic conversations with their team leader and colleagues. They will understand the power of Win-Win attitudes and relations through experimental games and personal reflection exercises. They will be able to understand the inside -> outside development process and take part in creating a clear, inspiring team vision combined with ambitious goal setting.

Facilitation Method and Participants

3 days Face-to-Face with a maximum of 20 participants.