Co-visioning Strategic Planning

Create desired results with little waste.


All companies, departments, work units, and teams should have a strategic plan to work from in order to create desired results with little waste. Your company may already be doing this. However, few departments and business units do this well, where all participants feel a part of the process and committed to the results.

The process of departmental strategic planning, or “co-visioning,” starts with determining direction, vision and objectives for the individuals. Once the picture of the desired outcome is clear, then the participants can compare and blend their outcomes until they create a combined vision and set of goals. This combined vision then becomes the foundation used to make business decisions including priorities, budgets, process improvements, hiring, training, and performance evaluating results. Meeting times are shorter. Decisions are easier to make because everyone buys into the results.

This class can be done as facilitation with an intact department or business unit. It can also be taught to leaders to have to facilitate the strategic planning functions of a company.

Key competencies

  • Identify the importance of visioning and goal setting to empowerment and self-management.
  • Create team visions.
  • Negotiate different needs and outcomes between departments.
  • Complete a gap analysis of the present situation and the vision.
  • Write realistic goals to close the gaps.
  • Build realistic action plans and ensure buy-in to the plans by all members.

Key learning outcomes

Participants create a useful strategic plan and they walk away with a greater sense of purpose and camaraderie.


1 day

Additional information

A workbook will be created complete with key concepts and exercises that can be duplicated by the client for the attendees. If the trainer provides materials, there will be an extra fee per participant.