Courageous Coaching

How leaders turn performance conversations into mind-changing events.


Courageous Coaching is a new management and leadership program that teaches coaching as a core communication and leadership skill. The program is based on coaching theory that focuses on the GROW coaching model, and uses role-plays with real cases that are specific and relevant for your leaders.

The key focus is empowering leaders to engage in effective coaching in challenging leadership situations (e.g. performance management, talent development, engagement and feedback coaching) to ensure higher productivity and long-term efficiency.

Key Learning Objectives

  1. Define "coaching" as a leadership style.
  2. Examine the mindset required to successfully coach individuals and teams.
  3. Understand the distinction between coaching and mentoring.
  4. Acquire the tools, skills and techniques to coach performance.
  5. Build a positive and supportive working climate using the coaching skills.
  6. Help employees accept, adjust to, and claim ownership for performance and business results.
  7. Define ways to integrate and apply coaching in the workplace.

Learning outcomes

After completing this program, leaders will be able to:

  1. Describe and explain their role as a coach, especially linked to behaviors and performance.
  2. Apply new tools to continuously improve coaching conversations with their teams.
  3. Support the development of high-impact PDPs both for themselves and their teams.
  4. Proactively identify and engage in coaching conversations with their teams.
  5. Cultivate an environment where people feel welcome to share ideas and suggestions.
  6. Collaborate more effectively with peers and customers.

Course format

Kick Off session: 60 minutes on WebEx
2 days Face-to-Face training
Individual coaching session: 30 minutes follow up coaching